I'm giving you 500 dollars. However, you must spend it immediately. What do you do with it?

All these threads that were about the Powerball and what would you do with millions and the like…

…Let’s reverse it. Say I’ll give you 500 dollars, but on three conditions:

  1. You cannot use any of it to spend on anyone but yourself. No spending it on friends or family and you can’t give it away to anyone either.

  2. You cannot put it away and save it or invest in anything.

  3. You must have it all gone within 5 hours.

What do you do?

Provided it was someone giving ME 500 with those stipulations, first, I’d go out to a more high end restaurant that sells the type of food I like) and spend about 75-100 dollars. Then I browse Steam and buy 150-200 worth of video games. Finally, I use the rest (about 300) to buy a bus or plane ticket to take a vacation to Washington (state). Just the ticket…the money spent on the vacation itself would come out of my own pocket.

And you?

$500 worth of this.

My wife says it’s not candy, but she is wrong about that. So wrong.

Buy an OPPO BDP-103.

If “gone” includes spent on-line,

This, in Electric Blue: http://www.qvc.com/qvc.product.K41486.html?sc=PSCH

These because they’re adorable: https://www.birkenstockusa.com/products/women/sandals/arizona/soft-footbed-persian-brown-persian-textile/75280

And this, because I have missed it so: https://gio1.ultracartstore.com/2-Pizza-Pack.html

Shoes. A few new pairs of my favorite jeans. Really good bras. A nice stockpot.

I’d buy a chair my dogs have finally killed my current one after a little more then a decade in sservice. Of course that’ll cost more then 500 but I’ll cover the rest.

New laser printer/scanner all-in-one, and stock up on toner. Fill in the corners with glossy photo paper.

Buy a couple hundred dollars in Steam cards, then clear out my wishlist and get the DLCs I’m missing on a bunch of games I have.

The use the rest to buy several weeks worth of snacks and a big pizza feast (just for me. I loves me some pizza and leftover pizza is even better).


I’d buy an Amazon gift card.

Actually, I just checked my wishlist…even spending it ALL on Steam, I wouldn’t manage this…though it would be close. Some of the games I want are frigging expensive!

Liquor store; whiskey aisle. Lots and lots of cheap stuff. One of each.

Shopping spree at Barnes and Noble, or Amazon gift cards.

A computer with Windows 7 as a backup, for when mine needs to be replaced. There will be enough left over to buy a set of decent pots and pans for my kitchen.

I might not have spent a total of $500 altogether in the last several years, on anything other than basic ongoing household needs. I already have everything I need, and I take care of it so it doesn’t need to be replaced.

New pair of Red Wing Boots and a new pocket knife from the bay. And a self-cooked steak dinner with wine to celebrate my double purchase.

I would book a little beach house with a great ocean front view. Then buy some nice seafood, cook, eat, drink good wine, and relax for 2-3 days. That’s what!

GF and I have been toying around with the idea of going to a strip club together. Probably do that.

I’d buy some furniture to replace the completely knackered stuff we’ve got lurking around the house. Probably a coffee table.

Sex and drugs, though not necessarily in that order (rock n’ roll optional).

Liquor store, bourbon and craft beer, I’d have the money gone in a half hour.