502, 504, Quit quitting, darn it!

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been having trouble when I go to another page on a thread or try to go back to the “New Posts” page. I get the “Timed Out” message and sometimes I have to give up entirely and do something else for a while. Is the Dope really that busy?! I’m on AOL. Could this be their problem? Hopefully, I can get back here and look for replies!

I’m not the technical expert, but it could be AOL. Clean out your cookies and caches and such, is what they tell me to do, and it seems to help (after a reboot.)

I’m on AOL and I rarely surf the SD with their browser. Their browser is too impatient and will time me out after about 2 seconds. Explorer will try for a much longer period before giving up.

Yep, it seems to be an AOL issue. Minimize their software, and open up your favorite browser.

Try Mozilla. That seems to work very nicely and with some speed.

your humble TubaDiva

Thank you all very much! I’ll try your suggestions. It’s really just an annoyance, but it’s still frustrating, you know?

I’m running Netscape 4.06, and I frequently get an “exception” um, 563 I think. No AOL here.