50's Cartoon about Earth Run by Cars

Does anyone remember a short animated cartoon cough about alien cough anthropologists who discover Earth, a planet whose main species is Automobiles (with human parasites)?

I recall similar comments - Clarke? Heinlein? - about how casual alien observers would assume cars were Earth’s dominant life form, in much that same era. Influence one way or the other, or common thought, or just parallel thinking… I dunno. Don’t recall a cartoon.


The idea was also in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. That’s why the character named himself Ford Prefect

Sounds like it might be the 1952 Tex Avery MGM cartoon One Cab’s Family:




Corrected link What on Earth - Wikipedia!

I think you’ve got it…

Another article about the same show Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

Thanks, hopefully this youtube link will parse correctly.

Yeah, that must be it, from the National Film Board of Canada. (1966)

Here is a YouTube link to the short from the NFB:


Y’all got it. Record time!