51 Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps

Complete list here. It’s not all military installations and the White House. Also included are William Hurt’s home outside of Paris and the sleepy suburb of North Oaks, Minnesota.

In a related story, here is a good article on governments’ reaction to the “Google Threat.”

I used to drive past North Oaks on my way to work. It was months before I realized there was actually supposed to be a city there. All you can see from the main highway is a sign that basically says “North Oaks–No Trespassing”. The city itself is pretty much hidden by trees from the main road. There is also a “North Oaks Financial Building” and a strip mall which has a Bruegger’s Bagels right off the highway which I think are part of the city, too. Since they can’t keep us riff-raff off Highway 96, they will allow the unwashed general public to stop in and buy a bagel.

Hmmm. I’m starting to think North Oaks is a front for some secret government installation.

No, just a typical gated community full of rich jerks. It was originally North Oaks Farm, owned by James J Hill, founder of the Great Northern Railroad.

Yeah, I don’t think there’s even a real gate. I think there is a guardhouse, though, so they might shoot out your tires if they haven’t seen your car before.

The Washington-Baltimore area still isn’t available on Google Street View. I suspect the SS ordered Google to suppress the images until such time as the war on terrorism is won. Though I don’t expect to ever see confirmation of that, as it would be politically embarrassing. We’ll just never get the images, with no explanation. :rolleyes:

Hmmm. This notion of Google censorship is being challenged. See here.

Just looked at the list. I suspect it is pretty simpistic. For a start:

Sydney, Australia: Much of inner Sydney still remains blurred. Google says that it removed the high-resolution photos due to a problem with one of the image providers, but Internet publications pointed to fears that the maps could be used as a terrorist tool. Some of the blocked areas include (or have included at some point) The Garden Island Naval Depot, the Lucas Heights Reactor, Parliament House and the Australian Defence Force headquarters in Canberra.
Since when did Canberra move to Sydney? And you can easily take pictures of Parliament house should you be so bored.

Rye Playland? The hell?

I wonder if Barbra Streisand’s home in Malibu is on there. She sued some poor environmentalist who posted pictures on his website to illustrate the deterioration of Malibu’s coastline. Included was one shot of Streisand’s property, which is ocean front (and quite beautiful, I might add). She took exception to the photographs being posted online and sued him, claiming that thieves, miscreants and marauders could use the pictures to gain access to her home and force her to sing for them…for free!! (Okay, I improvised a bit on the wording.) She lost. Plus she had to pay the dude’s legal fees. :smiley:

All pigs are created equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.


If you want to gawk at Streisand’s home just to piss her off, here is where the picture is posted. (See “About the Streisand Lawsuit”):