"60 Minutes" story about a Florida judge, from 20+ years ago

Does anyone remember a story on 60 Minutes about a woman who was one of Florida’s toughest judges?

If so, does anyone remember the judge’s name?

She’d had an interesting life: she’d been a beauty queen when she was young (and acknowledged how surprised people were to learn that about “this fat old woman”). She never went to college - she became a judge when it wasn’t strictly required. And she was known for her exceptional toughness in sentencing criminals, which is pretty hard to stand out for in Florida.

Two defense attorneys were interviewed and recounted a case where the judge had just finished throwing the book at a convicted rapist. As she was leaving the courtroom for her chambers, she turned to the defendant. Lifting her robe so that part of her leg was visible, she advised him, “Take a good look. You won’t be seeing one of these for a long time”.

Whether or not one agreed with her decisions, she was certainly memorable.

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Ellen J. Morphonios.

The L.A. Times obituary has more information.


I didn’t know about the Jim Morrison connection - maybe this *does *belong in CS.

According to the obituary she didn’t go to college but later went to the University of Miami Law School and became a practicing attorney when she graduated. How is that never going to college?

I remember her! Isn’t she the one that defendants didn’t want to go in front of, especially if an animal had been hurt?

She got into law school without having previously been an undergrad? You COULD say that someone who went straight into law school without doing their undergrad didn’t “go to college”, as such.

You do understand that my inquiry into a program from over twenty years ago was made *before *the linked info had been provided? After I saw the source, I noted the discrepancy to myself but didn’t think it warranted correction.

Thanks for keeping me honest. :rolleyes:

She’s also featured in one of Edna Buchanan’s books…I think it’s “The Corpse Had A Familiar Face”