600 pound woman ejected through sunroof

apparently, a 600 pound woman was ejected through the sunroof of her Isuzu Amigo. Which begs the question: what are the dimensions of an Amigo’s sunroof?

(and for you snarkies: Google wasn’t my friend here)

“Now pay close attention, 007. If you lift up the top of the gear-shift lever, you’ll find a small red button. Whatever you do, don’t touch it.”

“Oh, why not?”

“Because you’ll release this section of the hood and activate the passenger-side Ejector Seat. Whoosh!”

“Ejector Seat? You’re joking!”

“I never joke about my work, 007!”

I am deeply disappointed at the lack of video.

I had the same thoughts when I read the story. I think it’s pretty fair to say that no factory-installed sunroof would comfortably allow the passage of such a large person.

My guess is that she was essentially “squished” through it. Fat is malleable, bones are not. I’m sure the poor lady sustained a lot of injuries from it.

Confortably? I don’t think ANYONE confortably get’s ejected through a sunroof after rolling over their car.

I wonder how long it took them to come to that conclusion.

Sorry Lissa, I just re-read that. I didn’t mean for it to come off as sarcastic. It was just the first thing that popped into my head when I read it.

Anyone know whether or not the sunroof was open at the time of the incident?

Wow. I wonder if they got as far as actually attempting to fly her out in a 'copter?

Amigo’s have pretty big sunroofs. That said ejections are almost never ever a good thing for anyone involved and are one of the primary reasons to wear a seatbelt. Also a hefty percentage of ejections do not require an open window, our body mass propelled at the speed of a car is often more than sufficent to penetrate and or dislocate any window type structures in a car.

I doubt it, volume is probably more the issue than actual weight IME. All of the medevac helis I was ever around were very cramped spaces and someone who didn’t fit reasonably well on a backboard would not fit on the helicopter. 500-600 pound people are very difficult to handle in almost any emergency situation especially since when they go down hard…invariably its in a small space, upstairs, around 3 tight corners.

Drach Ex-EMT whos back is starting to hurt just from the memories.

May I be snarky about “begs the question”? :wink:

This begs the question: suppose the EMTs that come to the aid of such an accident victim experience back injuries 9as a result of the victim’s body weight): who is liable? James Sokolove (ambulance chaser) wants to know!
I hear that hospitals have quite a few accidents as the result of having to transfer morbidly obese people .

If you hadn’t someone else would have. This one seems to be a hot button around here.

At 600lbs, I doubt the belt would fit around her, anyway. That’s a serious amount of mass.

To answer the OP–I agree, the “squishyness” of the fat allowed her to, erm, ooze through the sunroof. Ouch.

She needed to be airlifted from the accident scene, but was too heavy for it. Seriously. Seriously. Not to take this thread on a possible BBQ Pit turn, but I have little sympathy for someone that egregiously obese. Although–good for her that she was still able to drive herself around. I hope she gets the help she needs, both for her body and her psyche.


In my thread there’s no room for hardcore proscriptivist propaganda, any more than there is for descriptivist butchering of the language. Now, since English is a second language to me, I guess I should favor the descriptivist, but a lot of what they believe is acceptable usage makes me wince.

So I’m on the fence: “Ain’t” has it’s uses, but “literally” should mean just that.
The idea that “invites the question” is correct, but that begging the question can only be used to describe a logical fallacy seems a touch pedantic to me.

Hey, you asked. So, any idea what the size of an Amigo sunroof is? I’m begging here…

No one seems to be wondering how she got into the Amigo in the first place. They don’t look like roomy vehicles.

Perhaps she was airlifted and dropped in through the sunroof.

Isn’t the Amigo the one with the canvas top that rolls back and snaps down in back, making almost the whole roof a ‘sunroof’ or half-arsed convertible?


It is a large sunroof plus retractable sunroof/top thingy.

“-Front glass manual removable tilting sunroof with sunshade " Hopefully it was removed and not just tilted. :eek: So if we take the standard sunroof size of 15"x30” (not Isuzu, but generic, pulled off a sunroof company website), that’s a total of 90" “around”. Here’s the sizing measurements for a size 24 (me at ~310#):
Hip Circumference: 53.5", Thigh Circumference: 33.75", Waist Relaxed Circumference: 44.5"

When I was 183# I wore a size 14:
Hip Circumference: 44.5", Thigh Circumference: 28", Waist Relaxed Circumference: 35.5"

So weight went up 69% and hip measurement only 20%. Assuming that pattern holds true, 600# would have a hip measurement of less than twice the 310# one, and fit through 90" around.

Internal dimensions: front headroom (mm): 988, rear headroom (mm): 947, front hip room (mm): 1,316, rear hip room (mm): 1,219, front leg room (mm): 1,069, rear leg room (mm): 846, front shoulder room (mm): 1,430 and rear shoulder room (mm): 1,415