60s/70s Rockers who still look good?

I guess you can’t really call Carly Simon a rocker, but I saw a concert tape of her a couple of years back and she still looks gorgeous.

I just got a Neil Young music DVD (Rust Never Sleeps) and he still looks pratically like a kid. He doesn’t look 40 and he’s gotta be pushing 60 by now.

Any others so well preserved?

David Bowie still looks lovely to me.

Carole King still looks great, although she wasn’t a rocker, she most assuredly does rock.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry sill look good, especially considering their period of drug abuse.

BTW: Peter Gabriel at the grammy awards, WTF happened?

Compared to his surviving bandmates, Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones has aged rather gracefully.

Lou Reed and Joe Strummer (well, up until a few months ago :()

Tina Turner !!!

I think Buffy Sainte-Marie still looks great.

Roger Daltrey has held up well too.

Iggy Pop looks pretty much like he always has, although I don’t know if I’d call that looking “good” (and this is from someone with a secret shameful crush on the man).

Boyo Jim: You do realize that the concert in “Rust Never Sleeps” is from 1978, right? Neil was 32 or 33 in that movie. He looks a bit older today.

Aacchhh, I’m an idiot. I saw a 2000 copyright, and assumed it was a recent concert. Looking more closely, I see that’s for the DVD “production”.

No wonder he looked like he must have an ageing painting up in his attic!

Great concert, though I could do without all the weird stage shenanigans.

Ted Nugent.

Personally, I thought that George Harrison grew into his looks. Fugly as a youth, but it worked when he was older. Of course, it’s moot now.

Paul McCartney

Jeff Beck

Eric Clapton

Don Henley

Glenn Frey

Roger Daltrey

Rod Stewart

I agree, and I would also say Ringo grew into his looks as well. He was quite homely during the Beatles era, but looks pretty darn good now.

Paul McCartney was the “cute” Beatle, but I think he’s much more attractive now. And his smile will always be killer.

Steve Nicks
Joan Jett
Tanya Tucker
Bonnie Raitt

…And even a bunch of my friends the same age or younger than me agree. (I’m 20.)

I’ll put in my vote for Stevie Nicks.

Nothing new here. I thought of Bowie and McCartney as soon as I saw the subject, though.

Keith Richards doesn’t look all that good now…

But I vote for him being the best looking corpse if they did up old rock stars 500 years from now. He’ll be unchanged. I’ll bet his cigarette will still be burning, too.

Lemmy Kilminster.

Art Garfunkel looks like a typical middle-aged man, but I think he’s aged well. His manner of speaking sort of suits a distinguished gentleman of his age.