60s Fashion- what were these boots called?

Mid 60s, about the time of Beatle boots, some guys at my school were wearing boots with a zipper up the back. I haven’t seen any in decades. Was there a name for these things?

Well, there are Beatle boots, but they often have the zip on the side. When they have the elastic side panel they’re called Chelsea boots.

Are you thinking of Go-go boots? They don’t necessarily have a zipper up the back, but that’s how I always think of them.

Aren’t go-go boots women’s fashion? The description in the OP refers to men’s boots.

Not go-go boots. These looked much like Beatle boots, but they had a zipper up the back rather than elastic panels on the side.

“Cuban heels” was often used as an alternative.

It’s funny, one of my buddies loved them, and wore them all the time. The Partners at his law firm actually called him out on those!

That’s just the heel shape though. You can put a cuban heel on any sort of shoe.

It’s called a “Cuban heel boot with back zip”. There isn’t a particular name for that style. If there were, there’s a pretty good chance i’d have run into it; when I costume shoots or productions, a good 75% of my job is just knowing what this stuff is called, so I can go hunt down a cheap one on eBay.

You can get more specific about the description, as mentioned above – it’s a Beatle boot if it just has a zipper, a Chelsea boot with the elastic panel in it, and you can specify “ankle” or “calf” for height. A Cuban heel is a squarish block heel, which does not narrow to a line or point on the way down, and can also be found on pumps, sandals, or taller boots. You can further specify square-toe, round-toe, or “winklepickers”, which is a long pointy toe.

Around here they used to call the pointy-toed ones PFCs (Puerto Rican Fence Climbers). When running from cops the pointy toes made it easier to climb chain-link fences.

Do you mean these?

What a nice post. It’s a good feeling to encounter specialist knowledge in an unusual area (costuming).

Thanks Arabella!

However you refer to them, that back zip looks like absolute torture to me. I can’t begin to imagine the blisters that would cause. I think my achilles tendon crawled up to hide in my kneecap when I looked at it!

My favorite pair of motorcycle boots zipped up the back, and were very comfortable. Never caused any blisters. They were so nice that I still own them, even though I haven’t owned a bike for more than ten years and haven’t worn them in almost that long. Just don’t want to get rid of them.

Back-zipped boots, it seems to me, depend a lot on how far down the zippers go. And on how well-made the boots are, obviously.

The zippers on mine go all the way down to the heel.