Can we bring back tall boots for men?

I mean riding-style boots into which one tucks one’s trousers. I suppose I could be iconoclastic and simply do it, but I’m too much of a fashion non-icon to make that bold a statement.

It’s winter in Chicago, and that means snow, sometimes lots of it. Frankly, I’m jealous of the ladies, who can wear tall boots over jeans and not only get away with it, but look pretty hot in doing so. Men, unless we want to attract a lot of attention, must accept that our standard dress means a high likelihood that the bottoms of our trousers will wind up at best wet, and at worst muddy and salty. In the worst snow I suppose we could get away with some big insulated snowmobiling type of attire on our feet, but there’s no style there.

Who’s with me? Anyone?

I was wondering this myself the other day. And thinking how convenient it was that I “get to” wear them. When it’s rainy or snowy or just really wet, the tall boots are a great help.

I say go for it! You have my blessing. Plus I think they look sexy on guys, too!

I was thinking something similar to this just this morning while I cleaned the bottom of the pants I wore yesterday. T’was a slushy day in NYC and not only are my shoes a mess, so are the bottom of my brown work pants. Grr.

I see a fair number of business casual hipsters wearing rain boots over their pants when it’s gross out, so it might be something that comes back sooner than later. If I lived somewhere that got any more precipitation than NYC and did as much walking around the city as I do here, I’d probably invest in a nice pair of black rainboots to wear outside on certain days.

I think it’s a great idea!

While we’re at it, can I request cute tall boots made for those of us who are more…uh, curvaceous of calf? I adore the styles out now, but I can only zip them about four inches above my ankle bones. Which I suppose means that I can rest assured I don’t have cankles, but is still no good for actually wearing the cute boots! :frowning:

I have tall boots.

Be careful what you ask for. They are excellent winter boots, but they are utilitarian, and not in the least fashionable, unless being warm is your only priority.

See, this is precisely what I’m talking about. Sure, tall outside-the-trousers boots for men exist, but it’s really difficult to wear something like these with any panache.

Look at the variety of colors, materials and styles women have to choose from here. And that’s just one page worth. I think it’s high time we had similar fashions for men.

Back in the early 80’s, for about 15 minutes, young men did wear their pants (often the then-new blue jeans w/spandex) tucked into their boots. One style of boot that was very popular at the time was a suede boot with a rolled-down top. Picture a black suede boot that Robin Hood or Peter Pan might wear. Dingo boots were still pretty common at the time. So were engineer boots.
As you might imagine, this all looked really, really dumb. The short-lived fashion died a much deserved death.
Unless mid-to-late 19th century style clothes make a comeback for men, complete with frock coats and vests, so that we can look like characters from western movies, there is no way to do this without looking retarded.

You don’t need style when you have big-honkin’, shit-stompin’, man boots.

The boots are out there if you dig around. LL Bean still makes a really tall Bean Boot. The problem isn’t the boots, it’s the pants. No one makes pants that easily tuck into boots - unless you dig fatigues. The style of Levi’s I wear are designed with the leg portion to fit over, so there’s just too much material to tuck in. Even boot cut jeans are uncomfortable to tuck.

Hats, other than stocking caps and ball caps, would have to make a comeback too. Tucked in pants require a big hat.

This fashion site asked the question in November. The answer: Not yet. The examples are pretty fashion forward, but show that the question has been asked. Not everybody is up to being a fashion trendsetter. Perhaps the style will change in future. As you’ve pointed out, there are practical reasons for tall boots outside the pants.

Tall boots are the style in the equestrian world. But boots are only bared Eastern style (probably with jodhpurs.) Cowboys do not tuck their jeans into their boots!

Not modern cowboys. Many of the ones I knew in Texas didn’t even wear “cowboy boots.” They wore lace-up workboots like you might see on a construction worker.
Based on what I’ve seen in old photographs, though, at least some old-timey cowboys did tuck pants into boots.

A good shoe repair can fix you right up. I had the opposite problem…skinny legs in bobbly boots, and the shoe repair dude took them in. Then my boss, with curvaceous calves, had the To Die For pair of boots. She took them to her shoe dude and he put a wedge of elastic in it. Voila!! Perfect fit. It costs a few bucks, but hey…you can wear the boots for years!

Here here!

Plus, skinny jeans make my pear-shape look like an ice cream cone, so with straight or trouser leg pants and jeans tucking them in looks like I’m 10 and I have lumpy pants below the knees. I am jealous of all the skinny hip and legged girls who can rock the boot-over-pant look.

My nice boots are hidden under the pants :frowning:

I like a big boot for the weather, but alas, not all us ladies have dry cuffs as well.

Here’s the solution my friend:

Still not much in the fashion department, but you only where them when outside, so that may not matter too much.

I fear, like so many other areas, the Nazis pretty much destroyed tall, black boots as a fashion option.

I saw the champion at a pizza-eating contest wearing his pants tucked into his boots and it rocked. I started doing it myself just this winter. If I’m questioned (and I have been) I say I’m trying to keep my pantlegs dry and un-stepped on (which is actually true because I’m short and it’s hard to find pants that aren’t just a little too long).

Does it look good? Oh yeah. I have a studly coal miner vibe even though I sit on my ass behind a computer all day.

Bring them back? Like, they’re out of fashion right now?

Somebody needs to have a serious discussion with both of my feet.

And shins too, I suppose.

Yes, it’s unfortunate, and this fact grievously offsets what little goodwill Hitler earned by the permanent abolishment of the toothbrush mustache as a socially acceptable facial fixture.

Every woman I know (well, the ones I talk clothes with) was jumping with glee at the beginning of this winter because some Spanish shoemakers are making boots in different foreleg sizes! No more assuming that you can’t have 42" hips (and the legs that go with those) if your feet are a size 3! You can go to the store and say “I want knee-high boots, black, size 3, wide foreleg.” I bought three pairs just in case the idea fades off…

And those aren’t tall boots, they’re just reg’lar. Tall are the ones above the knee :stuck_out_tongue:

In Spain the “jeans tucked into boots” look has become known as “Gavilana style,” because it’s how women in the culebrón “Los Gavilanes” wear them. It’s not the most stylish option, given the hips widths common among Spanish women, but if anybody dares say anything we can threaten with, dunnow… forcing them to actually watch the series! Non stop! And no bathroom breaks either! And yes, you have to look whenever they’re beign complete idiots, too!