65th Anniversary of Will on Tractor Fender by Dying Farmer

The major flaw with that plan is #1. It may be a problem finding a rich guy with a tractor. If he was rich, he isn’t after he paid for the tractor. You’re more like to find a guy on a tractor with a lot of debt. The tractor may represent a large portion of his net worth and once it rolls over, his estate will be diminished greatly.

I actually knew a very wealthy wall street guy who owned a cattle farm. My friend lived there full time and ran it. The rich dude came up on a few weekends here and there to putter around. Why I remember this almost 20 years later is because he was rough on equipment, fits right into the 4 step plan mentioned here.

An example I remember vividly, rich dude was taking the brushog on the back of the tractor and smashing it over and over into a rock he wanted to get rid of. My friend ran up asking what the hell is he doing? Knowing he’d be fired on the spot for being that reckless. The rich dude said screw it. I’ll buy another brushog, I want this rock gone.

It was a very hilly farm, hmmmmmmm, could have worked…

Definitely not true where I live, as my family found out when my mother died without a will.

Better than my brain. I was parsing out about some Fender Guitar (is “Will on Tractor” bizarre technical customization I’ve never heard of, or rhyming slang for Stratocaster?") once owned by Dying Farmer, who is clearly an old Blues musician.

[li]Find a rich guy.[/li][li]Find a nearby tractor.[/li][li]Park tractor on him.[/li][li]Write, “I leave everything to 74westy” on fender.[/li][li]Profit!!![/li][/ol]

An Analogy of Modern-Day America

(as evinced in some random story about a tractor)

Interesting, in Spain there is a part the children would have gotten anyway, unless they did something stupid such as sign papers saying they’d already gotten their part beforehand (can I kill my mother and aunt now? - if either one dies before grandma, the grandchildren on that side get nothing, and if gramps hadn’t been so old when he died, they would have had to pay taxes on money they had not gotten and were not getting). How much that part is varies from region to region, just to give the lawyers something to be confused about. To keep the children from getting that part you need a specific judicial process, the will isn’t enough.

Revision #2:
[li]Find a rich guy.[/li][li]Find a nearby tractor.[/li][li]Park tractor on him.[/li][li]Write, “I leave everything to 74westy” on fender.[/li][li]Profit!!![/li][li]Brag about it on the Internet.[/li][/ol]

Same here.

Find a rich guy who is into antique tractors. A 70-year-old Farmall can be had for as little as four grand.

Ooo…I read that in Equity! We talked about dying wishes vs wills!