7:43am - A Moment of Silence for 9/11

As I have done in the past, any Dopers who would care to join in observing a moment of silence at 7:43 are welcomed.

Forgive, but never forget.


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We were flying from Orlando to New York two years ago at just this time.

The TSA officials all stopped work for a minute of silence. Then there was a swearing-in ceremony for new officers right there at the security gate we were at.

I know they take a lot of heat from travellers, but it was very moving: “This is why we do what we do.”

And then it was back to shuttling passengers through security, acting to protect us all.


Ummm, wasn’t the first plane into WTC at 8:46am? :confused: Or are you listing it in Central time?

Look at the time he posted it. He’s talking Central time, since that’s the default timezone of this board.

It’s the time zone I was in when I experienced it. The client I was working for at the time was in NYC.

Thanks to all who participated.


If one’s not logged in, posts are displayed in CDT (/CST); however, if one is logged in, you’ll see them in whatever timezone you’ve specified. Of course, one must be logged in to post so I rarely see things in CDT/CST.

Posting the hour where he was rather than where the event happened; coupled w/ the time being three minutes off (number pad typo?) meant his time was 1:03 off from when the event occurred.

Event typically are notated/celebrated/remembered in local time where they occur, not local time where you are? Do you celebrate New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight where you are, or in the morning where you are in the US because it’s now midnight / New year somewhere in the Far East?

Yeah, it’s the Dope, we’re supposed to be pedantic. :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent the day today as a substitute teacher in a middle school history class. And the subject of the day was the events of the 9/11 attacks. So four times today I told a classroom full of kids who were all born after these attacks about the events of that day. It was clear many had not heard some of the details.

I told them about flight 93 and Todd Beamer. And drilled it into their heads that Beamer was a young father going about his business who, with a group of other passengers decided to take fateful steps that they knew would likely result in their own deaths but in doing so saved the nation from a potentially more serious fourth attack.


On a personal note, a friend of the family died on flight 93. I find this day humbling, painful, and shocking, even after 17 years.

May we always remember.

I know a man whose brother was in one of the towers, I don’t remember which one. He was above where the plane struck, so escape down was cut off. He actually did manage to contact his brother by phone before the collapse, so they at least got to say goodbye.

Babies born now are actually born more removed from 9-11 than I was after WWII.

My friend’s sister was on a flight that morning from Boston to LA and it took the longest time to confirm she was OK. My friend did not like planes before and not been on one since.