9/11 moment of silence was observed at 8:46 except for the Today Show

Shame on NBC and the Today Show. All the other networks observed the moment of silence at 8:46.

What was so important to ignore the deaths of thousands?

A Kardashian boob job. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: That’s got to be a new low for network news. Was NBC this insensitive? Or to stupid to remember 8:46 on 9/11?


I don’t know how long this tradition has been going on - apparently in 2011 it was supposed to be at 1pm:

Personally - I think it is a little silly (the story on NBC being awful people - not the moment of silence). Yes it makes for a EASY story, but I’m sure NBC had lots of coverage of the anniversary.

IMHO - I don’t think it is that big of a deal. I realize this probably makes me an awful person, but I think everyone should be able to remember the day the way they see fit - and not be shamed into doing so.

I didn’t observe any silence, so I guess shame on me too. What in the hell happened at 8:46? The first plane was hijacked? The second? Third? The first impact? Second? Plane crashing into the pentagon? The first tower fell? The second? The 1,000th fatality? The 2,000th? In other words: WTF?

I’m gonna go 'way out on a limb on this one.

While it’s unfortunate that the story that crossed this particular line was Kardashian-related, the fact is that every national outrage stops getting the “moment of silence” memorial after a suitable amount of time. It has to. We have more than 365 MOS/Flag-at-Half-Mast-worthy incidents in our history.

Is eleven years too soon? I think it’s about right. But I won’t think you’re a moral imbecile if you disagree with me.

Without wishing to be culturally insensitive, at what point do you think moments of silence could reasonably stop being held?

Ten years after the event? (Already passed that.) Twenty? Fifty? A hundred? Never?

If they had shown the story about the Kardashian boob job instead of the actual towers collapsing 11 years ago there might be some reason for outrage.

Can we stop with God Bless America at the seventh inning stretch as well? We already had a perfectly good tradition in place there.

What was everybody else doing while the Today Show covered that non-event? Were they broadcasting a memorial or speeches from the WTC site, or did everybody just stop talking for 20 seconds before they went on with their usual good morning nonsense? I can understand having a moment of silence on TV if you are broadcasting an event that includes the observation of a moment of silence, but the idea of just sort of having a moment of silence on TV is kind of odd if you think about what the medium is.

They could all have been showing actual Kardashian boobs and it wouldn’t have made any difference to me. I specifically avoided any news coverage at all yesterday morning because I don’t want to be bombarded with 9/11 footage and/or maudlin tributes to the 9/11 dead. I recognize the date, remember in my own way, and move on.

I did appreciate Google’s acknowledgement of the event, just a small black ribbon below the search box.

I don’t see a problem with quietly showing a image of the twin towers for 60 seconds at 8:46.

It’s a very small gesture of respect for a defining moment in our country’s history. Every person that died has family that grieves every year on 9/11. It’s not old history to them.

NBC and the Today show can do whatever they want. I also have the choice not to watch that show anymore.

How much did you watch it before?

There’s nothing wrong with NBC choosing not to have a moment of silence and I’m getting tired of people imagining a tribute and then getting pissed when someone doesn’t follow the tribute they just made up.

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Hold on, I’ll answer your question as soon as I finish barbecuing this bald eagle.

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I’ll have a boob-- uh, I mean, a breast. I’ll have a breast.

But NBC did observe a moment of silence for 9/11. It’s just that it’s a tape delay and will be broadcast on October 6th.

I rather suspect the vast majority of the people who have family who died on 9/11 are fucking sick and tired of the rest of America fetishizing the deaths of their loved ones, and would like to go on with their lives, and perhaps spend some time remembering the lives of their loved ones, not having their death thrown in their face so some stranger can make hirself feel good by ‘honouring’ them.

The Today Show is probably making a bold statement. Something about terrorists not taking away their freedom of speech.

Or their boob jobs.

Yesterday a coworker regaled our morning meeting with the story of how proud he was that he and many other commuters pulled over to the side of the highway- the Garden State Parkway, no less- at 8:46 to observe a moment of silence. Seriously? Pulling over to the side of the highway? WTeverlovingF?