70's cartoon dog?

The one that would fawn over a piece of food of something, making MMMMmmmmm sounds until he lifted himself off of the floor and floated back down.

Dammit, who was he? what show was he on? was he the star, or just the “sidekick”?


(I’m so ashamed.)

There was also the bloodhound QuickDraw McGraw would occasionally get to help him and BabaLooie.

He also liked medals.

Apparently the hound I was thinking about was named Snuffles


“Other Quick Draw cartoons featured Snuffles, a treat loving canine who would help Quick Draw and Baba-Looey only after being awarded a dog biscuit. When given the biscuit, Snuffles would moan in joy, hug himself, float up into the air and slowly return to the ground in total ecstasy.”

I hated that dog. Give him a poison dog biscuit and shut him the hell up.

Which dog?
Muttley or Snuffles?

Snuffles. That mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm shit was so damn irritating. I can hear it in my mind right now and it’s making me angry.


Now that we’ve answered the question, let’s go to Cafe Society to discuss the pooches further.



Man, I tell you. Hanna Barbera has scarred a generation by implanting us with verbal references that will regularly be met with blank stares.

I considered it a sad state of affairs that I needed to EXPLAIN to my kids who Yogi the bear was after I referred to a “pickynick” basket and complimented myself as being “smarter than the average bear!” Took a lot of the joy out of our family trip to Jellystone… :frowning:

Excuse me while I Exit, stage left!

Yep - just TRY to explain Snagglepuss. Or underdog. Or Mr. Peabody, Sherman, and the way back machine!

I once said to my son, " Drizzle, drazzle, dradle, drone, Time for this one to come home." You know what the little hellion said??? “Mom, what in the WORLD are you talking about??” Generations of children who have never seen Tooter the turtle? My god, the humanity… :wink:

Don’t blame the kid. I’m 38 and don’t recognize that, either.

Hell, I’m 57 and it went right over my head, too.


Damn, sounds like some folks didn’t spend a sufficiently great percentage of their childhood in front of the TV!

Or else…

When considering a ridiculous career change I almost always preface it with the phrase:

“Gee, Mr. Wizard, I wanna be one of them thar _______________.”

And whenever work gets to be a bit much I will sometimes yell, “Mr. Wizard, get me out of here.”

In fact, Tudor the Turtle may have something to do with my inherent dislike of the work world.

“Drizzle Drazzle Drozzle Drone, Time for Dis one to come home.”

I do that, too:

“Help, Mr. Wizard! I don’t wanna be a CSR anymore!”

Damn lizard stiffs me every time.

Whenever I hit someone on the head with my guitar, while swinging into the room dramatically on a rope, I just can’t help yelling “EL-KABONNNGGG!”

I think that you should bring up “Wally Gator being the swinging alligator of the swam.” Then, they’ll know what you’re talking about!

That would be “Swamp,” of course.

Ok, Queeekstraw.