How many cartoon shows can you remember?

Inspired by a She-Ra thread, I thought it would be fun to see how many cartoons the Teeming Millions can list off.

Back in high school, a bunch of my friends and I spent an evening listing cartoons from our childhood. I think we finished it off at about two hundred and fifty. I’m sure the Straight Dopers can do much better than that, especially if we include anime.

I’m going for more of a complete list than a competition. I’ll (of course) start it off, and most of mine will be 80’s ones from my childhood.

Already mentioned in the She-Ra thread are Rose Petal’s Place, He-Man, Thundercats, Bravestar, Punky Brewster, and Rainbow Brite. I’ll add Fables Of The Green Forest, a cartoon about forest animals generally being forest-y, Dr. Snuggles, the animal physician with a robot maid and a Cloud Camel, The Jetson’s (obviously), The Flintsones (also obvious), My Little Pony (I can still sing the theme song), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Silverhawks.

Does anyone else remember an early 80’s cartoon called Will’o’the’wisp, or something like that? It had a talking tv. And one about people who made dreams, and were part of a show with Rose Petal’s Place and My Little Pony?

My brother and I have this conversation all the time. And sadly, we watched a lot of TV.

Gummi Bears, Flintstones, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons (not great, but a cartoon, nonetheless), GI Joe, He-Man & She-Ra, Muppet Babies, Transformers, and so many more.

Modern faves include Rocket-Power, Fairly OddParents, and Kim Possible. (Wow, I still watch a lot of TV!)

Jonny Quest
The Herculoids

Super Six:

  1. Granite Man
  2. Super Boing
    Can’t remember the other 4

The Impossibles
Young Samson & Goliath <?>
Dr Clyde Crashcup
Quickdraw McGraw
Magilla Gorilla
Sheriff Bing-Bing-Bing Ricochet Rabbit
Atom Ant
Secret Squirrel
Top Cat
King Kong
Fearless Fly

A few that would be incredibly politically incorrect these days:
-GoGo Gophers
-Dick Tracy

The Littles
The Snorks
The Get-A-Long Gang
Jace and the Wheeled-Warriors

And when I was at my gramma’s or someone else’s who had cable, Danger Mouse.

Some I remember from my childhood, and a few that I remember from my younger brother watching cartoons when I was a teenager. I don’t seem to remember very many from my kids growing up.

Rocky and Bullwinkle
QuickDraw Mcgraw
Top Cat
Yogi Bear
Beanie & Cecil
Huckleberry Hound
Felix the Cat
Woody Woodpecker
Bugs Bunny & Daffy Duck
The Flintstones
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Mighty Mouse
Tom & Jerry
The Lone Ranger
Disk Tracy
McGilla Gorilla
Mr. Magoo
Touche Turtle
George of the Jungle
The Jetsons
Captain America
Heckle & Jeckle
The Beatles
The Jackson 5
Space Ghost
The Mighty Heroes
Pink Panther
Inspector Gadget
Tennessee Tuxedo
Alvin & the Chipmunks
Johhny Quest
Scooby Doo
Fat Albert

brady bunch
marine boy
astro boy
speed racer
droopy dog
couageous cat & minute mouse
top cat
squiddily diddily
secret squirrel
tennessee tuxedo
bug bunny and all related to warner brothers toons
scooby doo
yogi bear
fantastic four


RJKUgly named most of the ones I remember from the 50s and 60s, plus

Tom Terrific (and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog)
Super Chicken
Lairat Sam
Alli Gator
Dudley Dooright
Fractured Fairy Tales (from Rocky & Bullwinkle)

RJKUgly named most of the ones I remember from the 50s and 60s, plus

Tom Terrific (and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog)
Super Chicken
Lairat Sam
Alli Gator
Dudley Dooright
Fractured Fairy Tales (from Rocky & Bullwinkle)

Lissla Lissar
That would be Dreamcasters.

Everybody Else
For the love of Cecil please post some information along with the name of the show.

Blackstar- An astronaut is pulled into a black hole and enters a world of magic. He lives in a tree with gnomes and fights evil with his Star Sword.

Thundarr The Barbarian- In a post apocalytic future, Thundarr fought evil sorcerer warlords with his friends Ukla the Mok and Ariel the sorceress, as well as his mighty Sun Sword.

Galtar And The Golden Lance- Galtar and friends fight the evil conqueror Tormac with the help of the mystic Golden Lance.

Fantastic Max- With his friends the alien FX and the animated toy man AB, he travels the universe in search of adventure. He owes it all to those four ply diapers and that safety pin.

Monchichis- Imagine if the Smurfs were small monkeys. “Way up in the trees live the Monchichis. Mon chi chi. Mon chi chi”

Droids-An excellent show following the adventures of C3PO and R2D2 before Star Wars.

Ewoks-Guess what this was about. Go on, guess.

The Saturday Supercade- As the name implies, cartoons based on video games OTTOMH
Donkey Kong- Somehow, the writers always worked in a barrel throwing scene.
Q-Bert-Always a scene where he stuffed a ball in his shnozz to fight Coily, the bully snake, or another menace.
Dragon’s Lair-This game were the first to feature multiple paths to victory. The cartoons incorporated two segments in each story where the action would stop and the announcer would give us a list of what Dirk the Daring could do. Then we would see how the three choices played out.
Pac Man- His wife was named Pepper. Power Pellets grew on trees.

Dungeons&Dragons- Based on the classic role playing game and one heck of a lot of fun.

The Hulk-The actor who provided Dr Banner’s voice for this toon went on to appear in the Star Trek Next Gen Pilot “Encounter At Far Point.”. And to voice an animated roll of toilet paper in ad for Banner toilet tissue. Seriously.

Flash Gordon- Filmation used an extensive library of suitably cheesy sound effects and gave Flash a pink dragon side kick.

Tarzan-Filmation used the same sound effects library. His chimp was named Nikemah. Other Dopers have informed me that the name Cheetah was used only in the films, and Nikemah was the name used in Burroughs original books.

Defenders Of The Earth- Phantom, Flash Gordon, Mandrake the Magician, and a wonderfully updated Lothar, along with their kids fought Ming the Merciless, his army of robots, and his men of frost. Once per day, by ancient jungle law, the Phantom could call upon the power of 10 tigers.

For us incredibly ancient specimens

Crusader Rabbit with Rags the Tiger, I believe one of the very first made-for-TV cartoons and, IIRC, was the product of some of the folks who later made Rocky & Bullwinkle

Winky Dink, whose gimmick was that your folks could buy a sort of transparent plastic gizmo to fit over the screen that you could draw on to help the cartoon character out of tough spots. There was a human host, too

Beanie and Cecil, featuring a boy who wore — you guessed it — a propellor beanie and his buddy, Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent. The campy villian was Dishonest John

By the way, CurlyD’s Tom Terrific showed up on Captain Kangaroo. He had an upside-down funnel for a hat and could transform himself into other shapes. He and Manfred were loosely line-drawn, in black and white, with shapes not filled in.

Ruff n Reddy, a very early Hanna-Barbera effort, starring a cat and a dog (or was it two different-sized dogs) and which in at least one story arc, involved some evocative precursors to Jetsons-era robots.

Does anybody remember the Raccoons on the Disney channel?

I used to watch these (the first 3 are repeats but I loved them too much to leave out!):


Jabber Jaw
The Great Grape Ape
Duck Tales
Garfield & Friends
Carebears (ok I didn’t watch it, I promise, but I remember it)
Wasn’t Clifford a cartoon about a big red dog?

I’m terrible with titles…

Did the Snorks have snorkels growing from the tops of their heads?

Danger Mouse was (and is) my favorite cartoon of all time.

Mon chi chi’s - had the stuffed animal.
Dungeons and Dragons, Speed Racer.
I’m young enough to have grown up on the Simpsons.
Looney Tunes, of course - Bugs and the gang.
Muppet Babies - um, Muppets, as babies. Clever.

I guess I didn’t really add anything useful… but great thread!

You bet they did! All Star and the rest of the gang lived underwater and spent their time ripping off the Smurfs and Archie. Even as a child, their frequent use of fire irked me. Then I saw underwater torches on one of Jaque Cousteau’s many adventures.

Count Duckula-When the count is killed, his ashes can be reanimated under the right astrological conditions. Unfortunately when Igor ask for the red bottle, Nanny hands him ketchup instead of blood and belladonna. This results in the Count coming back as a cheerful vegetarian instead of a bloodthirsty monster.

The Drac Pack- The sons of Dracula, Frankenstein, and the wolfman(wolfie’s son transformed when he saw any moon-pictures, cartoons, models etc)

GraveDale High-Rick Morranis was the only normal human in a school of monsters. 4 GraveDale High kids’ meal toys were released by Burger King.

TeenWolf-Based on the Michael J Fox film. Only his friends Boof and Stiles new his hairy secret. His mom, dad, and grandparents were all werewolves. His younger sister, Lupe, was too young to change and envied the rest of the family.

The Real Ghostbusters-Based on the films. Peter Venkman has the voice of Garfield.

Filmations Ghostbusters- A fat guy. A thin guy. A gorilla in a fedora. A talking car. A sexy timetraveller. A talking time hopper. A recurring gang of baddies that made no sense EG Scared Stiff the robot ghost! WTF?

Monster Force-An elite squad of monster hunters. The team included Frankenstein and a man who was partially infected with lycanthropy.

Well, this probably isn’t in the spirit of the thread, but in the interest of spreading knowledge, I suggest going to this site for cartoon lists. Just click on the “Saturday Morning TV” section and pick your decade. You’ll find lists and info for pretty much every cartoon ever made.

This is a mirror site/archive for the new defunct, which was pretty much THE reference site for cartoons/kidvid (and other nostalgia-related stuff).

That should say “now defunct

I was a major TV junkie as a kid:

  • Jason and the wheeled warriors (dunno, it was watchable)
  • Transformers (none of this Armada rubbish)
  • Smurfs (everyone’s favourite)
  • Technoman (My First Anime)
  • Conan the barbarian (neat action/adventure)
  • Captain N (Nintendo marketing 101)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (geek in the making)
  • Mighty Orbots (That theme song rocked!)
  • Gargoyles (great storylines)
  • Sports Billy (wasn’t even sporty, go figure)
  • Thundercats (used to watch it until they took it off for being ‘too violent’)

I suddenly remember James Bond, jr. I don’t think I ever watched it. There was one called (Something) and Sebastian about a boy in the Alps (I think) and his big white dog. Watched it religiously. The Little Prince- very loosely based on the book.

Now I have the Tranformers theme stuck in my head.

Thanks for the title, Doc. It’s been bothering me for years. Well, on and off. Not, you know, continuously.

There was one called something like The Adventures of Simon or Simon Draws or something, with a theme song that went, “Well, you know my name is Simon/ And the things I draw come true…”

The New Archies, which I remember as sucking badly. Barba-Papa- friendly shape-changing amorphous creatures. When they changed shape, a narrator said, “Clickety-click, Barba trick!”. Astro Boy, which was my first exposure to anime. Hercules, with his centaur pal, whose only job was to run around saying, “Hey, Herc! Hey, Herc!” very annoyingly.

My Dad had told me about watching this show when he was a kid. My grandparents wouldn’t buy him the plastic sheet, so he drew on the tv screen itself!

These may have already been mentioned, but:

The Wuzzles
The Popples
Kidd Video

Lissla Lissar, maybe the one with the dream creating people you’re thinking of was Moondreamers? I don’t remember exactly what the show was about, but I had a bunch of those dolls. They seemed to be people who lived in the sky. Each doll came with a charm you could wear, and one of the characters was a bear named Ursa?

There seems to be a huge amount of stuff about 80’s cartoons, and since I was a kid then I can remember those, but can anyone who was a kid in the 90’s tell me what the popular 90’s cartoons were? I can’t even think of one other than Ren and Stimpy or Beavis and Butthead, but those were more for adults than young kids.

Because I have young kids, I am well aware of the modern cartoons, which include:

Rocket Power, Hey Arnold, Franklin, Sagwa, Arthur, the Berenstain Bears, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Cat Dog, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Clifford, Rugrats, the Wild Thornberrys, As Told By Ginger, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Samurai Jack, Dora the Explorer, I Am Weasel, and the Powerpuff Girls.