I love cartoons!

He-man is back on the air! A new cartoon I think… it’s wicked! -dances and goes back to watch-

There’s a big improvement in animation.

Also, Teela looks cool.

Anime influence?

There’s a big improvement in animation.

Also, Teela looks cool.

Anime influence?

I enjoy it too, but the thing that kind of bothered me was the whole sword spinning. Mekanek and that eye dude basically had a sword spinning contest, man was that so over the top.

The voice actor who does Man-at-arms is the same guy who did Optimus Prime/Optimus Primal in the newer transformer serieses. Cool!

Sorry for the 2X post. :smack:

Sorry for the 2X post. :o

I love cartoons too…

I have had some really very prevy thoughts about Wolverine for years now…


pervy, even.


I think about him in his blue and yellow spandex, all ripped with tight, hard, Wolvie flesh showing through, and I can’t even type straight anymore!

Tir Tinuviel You like Wolvie too? -grins- Go here and run a search for Wolverine (warning Adult Material)

I didn’t know that about the voice actors, that’s kinda cool too but the newer Transformers series are kind dumb… I haven’t seen the newest one though.

If She-ra came back on the air I think that would be wicked too. Oh and after He-man last night was Super Friends… the original one…

Cartoons are so good.

I have been enjoying this 80’s revival wave we’ve been on the past few years, with the new Transformers stuff a little while ago, now the new He-Man (which is using all you old favs, like Ram-Man, and Merrman). The new comic books like G.I.Joe, Transformers, Micronauts and the soon to come Thundercats are all cool and are big hits too!

I have the entire run of the G.I.Joe tv series on video, and a few He Man tapes from the old series.

And other newer cartoons out there are just great, like Invader Zim, Justice League, Ned’s Newt, Undergrads, and the Simpsons (of course).

Imports are rocking good too, like the Record of Lodoss War, Neon Genesis: Evangelion, or Escaflone.

Sweet sweet animated goodness.