He-Man and the Masters of the Universe questions.

I was really into HeMan as a youth and had all the action figures. I watched the show all the time as well because Teela or whatever his sisters name was was hot.

I was looking thru the box of guys and had a few questions about them that I can’t remember for the life of me.

  1. What was the deal with Skeletor and He Mans swords looking alike and being able to connect together? I dont remember anything in the TV show mentioning the fact that their swords could connect together, or do anything special once they had.

  2. What was the name of the guy that looked like a He Man doppleganger? He is blue and has orange hair and an orange sword. I don’t remember him from the show.

  3. What was the name of Skeletors castle? I have the thing with the microphone and all that. Can’t remember the name though.

  4. Whats the name of this guy I have that has a backpack with a rope going thru it. You can attach the rope to things and make him slide across it.

  5. Who would win between a battle royale of He Man, Skeletor, Liono frmo Thundercats, or a scaled down Voltron?

  6. What was the Hordac slime made out of? I remember bringing a can of it to school when I Was in 3rd grade and it discombobulated in my desk and ruined all my books.

Man, I hardly remember these…

  1. I think the name of the castle was “Castle Greyskull.”

Remember his scared cat? Heh.

Greyskull was HeMans castle you noob! :wink:

  1. I never knew they connected together. I don’t remember that at all.

  2. I remember him, but I don’t remember his name.

  3. Skeletor’s place was Snake Mountain.

  4. Don’t remember that guy at all.

  5. I think it’s obvious that He-Man wins.

  6. No freaking idea.

Wait - 2) The doppelganger was called Faker. Haha. I remembeeeeeeeer.

Teela was not his sister She-Ra was.

  1. Faker or possibly fake-or
  2. If you mean the spider guy his name was Webstor or possibly Web-stor

I was a he-man obessesive at the age of 4:

  1. Yes, the action figure’s swords did connect together, nothing to do with the cartoon series though, I imagine it was just something that Mattel added as an atherthought.

  2. Faker.

  3. Snake Mountain.

  4. Trap-Jaw had this feature, but so did a spider-like character, I forget his name though.

  5. He-man, the most powerful man in the universe.

  6. Dunno.

2.) His name was Faker. Though I’m not sure how he was supposed to actually fake being He-Man; he was actually an android, or maybe a cyborg.

4.) This blue spider-looking guy is Webstor. Not to be confused with the Emmanuel Lewis contemporary.

The series has re-started on Cartoon Network.

With much better art.

And if you liked Teela before, check her out now. Very centerfold. Ditto the Sorceress of Greyskull. And, less comic relief from Orko. Also, the tiger no longer speaks.

Faker! Thats it!

Snake Mountain! Thats it!

I am looking thru this box and there were some pretty cool cats in there.

Remeber Active Damage Skeletor and HEman? The chest plate turns to show the sword cuts.

There is some guy in here that has a knob on his head. You turn the knob and his face changes into 3 different scary options.

I have a guy with a neck that sticks up really far too. You turn his body to the right and his head pops up.

There is also a really cool guy that has 2 upper bodys, one purple and one blue, and the arms are spring loaded so you can smash heads and stuff with them.

Lobster Claw guy is in here too.

I have the whole Hordac Gang. Remember them? They started in Heman and they transitioned into the Shera world I think.

Orko is in the box but I do not have the zip line to make him sktter around the floor.

There is a Skunk guy that actually smells like those skunk scrath stickers.

It seems that the bad guys were all the cool ones. The good guys are kinda lame. I have got Man o Arms with no cool features. Teela with no cool features other than boobs. I have his Giant Tiger.

I also have 2 different lizard guys. One that has a suction cup on his face and you can pump his back to stick him to a window. Not quite sure what use this power is. The other you can pump his head and he spits water.

Found a few of the guys from MASK. Remember them? With the motorcycles and masks that gave them powers?

Few Go-Bots in here too. We were pretty poor when I was a youth and my parents couldn’t afford Transformers so I got Go Bots. The Ghetto Transformers. These things entire “change” procedure was pulling hte arms out of the sides and folding the legs over.

Ah the memories…

Are you sure? Teels, the girl in the white leotard and gold head band with a stick for a weapon, was related to He-Man (Prince Adam) in some way. And I don’t think she knew Adam=HeMan either.

That got me fking PUMPED when I Was a kid. They showed him get all beefed up and his scared cat turned into a fking beast!

Sweet. Way cooler than “thunder…Thunder…THUNDER…THUNDERCATS HOOO!!!” though that was a badass show too.

An Image.

The Revised Teela is on the upper right.


Most of the guys I listed are shown in that picture. They look the same, just more lines. I had the bumblebee guy and that merman looking dude on the left. The dude with the knob head is in the lower left.

I dunno, I remember Teela being hotter in the past. The giant cat still looks the same.

In both series Teela is the daughter of the sorceress given to Man-at-arms to raise and never knew Adam was He-Man.

The ones you listed in order are-
dunno claw guys name

I’m pretty sure Teela is the daughter of Man-At-Arms, and that’s as far as the relationship goes.

The guy with multiple faces is, I believe, Man-E-Faces. I had forgotten about some of the others until you mentioned them jsut now.

The cool thing about the new cartoon is that the regular posse of bad guys appearing on a week to week basis has grown. I remember it used to be Beast-Man and Evil-Lyn every week, but you’d barely ever see others. Now, it’s those two, plus Trap Jaw, Lobstor (I’m guessing his name), Mer-Man (?), and others, although Panthor makes fewer appearances than he used to.


Nice post, ** Sock Monkey ** :slight_smile:

The lobster guy was Clawful.

And stinkpalm MASK was kick-ass, too. That was my second big toy collecting phase. I had the flying car, the motorcycle that turned into a jet, the jeep into a boat, the pickup that raised up really high and some other ones.

I agree with MC that the connecting swords were not on TV, but they were featured in the early mini comic books that came with the figures. One of the main reasons Skeletor was after He-Man was to get his power sword. Their respective swords were half of a much powerful sword that Skeletor wanted. I remember one book had them team up against a mutual foe by each holding on to the combined sword (and not letting the other control it completely). I don’t remember the foe or what happened to the combined sword. I guess they split it back into the old two parts.

OK, this is the link I think we all want:


I never read any of the comic books, or indeed had any exposure to He-Man other than the cartoon, but I too remember the swords somehow connecting, and that being what Skeletor was after.

Somehow, bringing them together made them into one ultra-uber-super-sword or something. I also seem to recall an episode or two where it actually happened…

A lame rip-off of the sister swords Stormbringer and Mournblade concept IMO.