He-Man makes no sense.

In the intro “song”, he explains the origin of his powers:

What compelled him to do this? Was he just holding up his sword and saying random things, and happened to stumble upon the proper wording?

Of all the things about He-Man you could have found to be absurd, this is it? Not the talking cat, the living skeleton or the invisible sorcerer with the big “O” on his shirt? Not the guy with three rotating faces? How about the guys with the metal hands?

The Sorceress gave him the sword and told him how to use it.

Or there is no Prince Adam and the Sword of Greyskull is just your average magic sword.

(These are both canon, depending on which continuity you’re including - the three cartoon series and recent toy line use the first, the original mini comics and the movie use (or imply) the second.)

In a farcical aquatic ceremony?

Under the circumstances, I think the more pertinent question is why everyone else didn’t.

I’m sorry, but the fact that prince Adam and He-Man are the exact same person just with different clothes but everybody seems to believe them to be two isn’t the biggest problem here? How is that possible?!!

I look forward to your concise analysis of the absurdities in Transformers and Thundercats.

Why does he even need a secret identity, anyway? Both personas have exactly the same sets of friends and enemies. How does pretending to be two different people help him out at all?

He was just going through that “Holding your magic sword aloft and shouting” phase that most young men of a certain age do.

It’s actually quite a good idea.

As is, if Skeletor gets it into his head to kidnap a member of the royal family, Adam is the obvious target, as he can use him as a hostage to manipulate Randor and Marlena - a solid plan, if what he thought to be the case were true.

As it actually is, all that would accomplish would be to bring He-Man into Snake Mountain.

Were he to know that He-Man was Adam, Randor and Marlena would be the obvious targets, in order to manipulate He-Man - an even better plan, for Skeletor, as he could make He-Man hand over the Sword of Greyskull, and thus, at bare minimum, eliminate the defender of Eternia, if not gain access to the powers of Greyskull himself (his ultimate goal).

Of course, either plan could fall apart if the non-kidnapped Royals decided not to play ball with him, but they are both solid plans as such things go.

You crack on Cheetara at your own risk.

When I opened this thread, I thought it would begin with:

“What the hell kind of name is “he-man” anyway? Should I call myself “I-me?” Is my sister “she-girl?””

Also, what are the secrets of castle Greyskull that Skeletor is interested in anyway? Why does the good guys’ castle look like a skull? How do we know who is good or evil anyway, is it just because skeletor looks evil? He is far more jolly than the other guys with that laugh. How do we know the king is a benevolent ruler and not an evil tyrant, who keeps in power just because of the secret powers of castle greyskull. As well as the well-meaning but not too bright prince Adam, who doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, and who believes everybody when they claim that they don’t know about his “secret identity” even though it’s very obviously just the same guy looking even more gay.

Didn’t Skelethor live inside greyskull?

No, Skeletor’s lair is Snake Mountain. Castle Grayskull houses the Sorceress.

[Edit - Criminy, you’d think I was a major MOTU nerd. I mean, I liked them and all - and had a LOT (preferred the Princess of Power line, though) - but, sheesh.]

It’s all a sham. Adam actually takes large amounts of hallucinogenics and thinks he’s some sort of leather-daddy superhero. I mean just look at the opening theme! Skeletor is actually his dealer which is why he has a skull face. Every time his friends see him out in the yard swinging the sword around they just roll their eyes and say “he-man” is tripping balls again. :rolleyes:

I always wondered why they cheaped out and used the exact same mold for the He-man and Skeletor [del]dolls[/del] action figures (except for the head). :mad:

Does that phase include hanging out with friends with names like “Ram Man” and “Man at Arms” while showing zero interest in the hot half naked red head who follows him around? Sounds more like a lifestyle choice.
And as far as I can tell, Prince Adam’s “disguise” consisted mostly of taking his shirt off.

SIGH Mattel had a bunch of Conan The Barbarian action figures lying around that they couldn’t sell, because the movie was rated R. So they cobbled together a quick and dirty story late one night. I read that on the internet, so it must be true.

Hey, if it works for Clark Kent…

He’s clearly very insecure about his masculinity. He insists on referencing his masculinity twice in his name, goes about at all times nearly naked showing off his muscles…this is a guy with Issues.

And once you get over that, what the hell is up with ‘She-Ra’? I was a bit into ancient Egyptian mythology at the time, and got horribly confused trying to digest the apparent reference to the sun god and integrate it with the rest of the series’ ‘mythology’…