Half-remembered cartoons...

Ok, this is really bugging me, so I’d appreciate any and all help you can give me to preserve what’s left of my sanity:

There were two cartoons that I remember as a child. One had guys wearing funky masks that had diffrent powers, and their vehicles could turn into other vehicles.

The other had knights in some kind of post-apocalyptic world, where a wizard gave them little holographical animals that they could change to in order to fight each other.

Please, someone tell me that I really remember these and I’m not nuts or a :wally

The fist one sounds like

The first one, that is

The second one was probably Visionaries. The age of science has ended on Earth, and the remains of humanity had to scrabble by with a new age of magic. A bunch of heroes and villians had holographic shields and totems that gave them magic powers.

Like M.A.SK. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand), this was a toy tie-in teevee show.

Yes, yes! Thank you, you have saved my sanity! Now I’ll actually have to think about something meaningful (but where’s the fun in that?)

I always liked Visionaries because of the pseudo-political conflicts they had on the show. I also liked that all the heroes and villains actually knew each other personally. So the episodes were frequently about disputes between groups of people because of their differing views and opinions, as opposed to some abstract clash between good and evil.

MASK just had cool toys.

Bah, M.A.S.K. toys were nothing more than wanna-be Transformers. :wink:

Though I admit the motorcycle that turned into a jet plane was cool…

Bah, not a robot among them. Yes, I refuse to acknowledge that stupid, stupid little scooterbot that Matt Tracker’s son rode. shudder

Yeah, Visionaries was good because there was a sense of coming in on a place that had already had a lot of history; these weren’t total strangers thrown together. Mmm pseudo-politics and cartoons = fun!