Identify this cartoon for me.....

Ok, all I remember there were flying cars, it was reminicent of transformers but this flying car shot discs at other cars, also at the beginning, it had a opening of a grid pattern landscape, and a helicopter coming out of the mountain. It was made between the 80’s and probably ended very early 1990. Jesus, this has been buggin me for 7 years.
There are a lot of flying cars in it, take that into consideration.

But were there flying cars? I’m not too clear on that point.

I guess we can rule out Care Bears.

M.A.S.K ?

Yes! Thank you.

So…it was the Care Bears, then? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

no, very funny (slow clap) couldn’t think of what it was for ages.

Has anyone watched, just found out it has some really interesting cult status among fans.

The beauty of the internet:
No matter how lousy or completely ignored by the mainstream, every cartoon/movie/toy line has a following. That movie you saw when you were 6, and no one else in your entire county has even heard of it? Chances are good that online you’ll run into scads o’ folks who loved it too, and will spend hours reminiscing with you.

[sub]Someone smack me if I break out into “It’s a Small World” wouldja? Thanks.[/sub]

Dang - this is ringing very vague bells in my head. Would someone like to refresh my memory on what this show was about? That website seems to be mainly just links to other sites, and I don’t care quite enough to go poking around a few dozen other poorly done sites…

Thanks in advance.

Wow, finally an obscure TV thread I can actually respond to.

The full name of the unit was Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (hey, I don’t make these up, I just pass 'em along). I never was clear on how the organization was set up, but it was apparently a loose alliance of military specialists assembled to combat the Big Evil Organization. Their most distinctive feature was their Masks, each of which had a different function (one levitated objects, another generated defensive auras, etc.). And of course, there was plenty of heavy machinery, including trucks, tanks, and helicopters. The BEO was something called “Venom”, which was similarly equipped.

Probably the strangest thing was that these people were part-timers (that bit about “working overtime fighting crime” in the theme song wasn’t a joke). All of them had jobs and commitments outside of M.A.S.K. At the start of each mission, the big supercomputer (no 80’s action 'toon was complete without a big supercomputer) would call up a list of operatives, who’d get the summons on a wrist-mounted signal. Oftentimes they were in the middle of something and had to do a fair amount of weaseling to get to their assigned duty.

One of the funny quirks I noticed was that the chances of anyone hitting a target was directly proportional to the supposed wittiness of the preceding statement. The more convoluted and inappropriate for a ferocious firefight, the better.

Flying cars?

Let us not forget the comic relief Scott Tracker, son of the M.A.S.K head honcho Matt Tracker and his robot/scooter T-Bob. The two managed to always sneak into adventures by stowing away in the trunk of one of the super vehicles like a latter-day Spritle and Chim-Chim.

I’m so embarrased I know this.