70's or 80's Short Film

I saw this film short on either HBO or Cinemax when they used to play them between movies in the 70s and 80s. I’ve been looking for one in particular but haven’t had any luck throughout the years.

This one involves a woman who, in her dreams, ends up walking up to the same house over and over again. It always ends with her startlingly encountering an old woman, then she wakes up.

I think the woman is a cellist or something like that. One day after a practice or concert she is driving home and on a lonely highway sees a house that looks familiar to her. She decides to pull into the driveway and then realizes it’s the house from her dreams!

She gets out of the car and goes up to the house; I don’t remember is she snoops around or goes to the door. When she is close to the house, she is confronted by a older man who seems somewhat hostile. Again, I don’t remember exactly what happens next but she explains herself and then he tells her his wife has been tormented by what she describes as a ghost. He further explains that she was put in a home because she went crazy and that he now believes that the ghost was the visiting woman. Then it ends.

Anyone else remember this or something like it? I would be greatly thankful if this could be sorted out :slight_smile:


I never saw the film version but this sounds very much like a French short story I remember reading way back.

I googled to no avail but the plot sounds identical though I don’t remember anything about a cellist. I couldn’t find the title but maybe one of the French majors out there could take the lead and we could go from there.

I remember it, it was on HBO. The woman was a concert pianist. I can’t identify it though. Sorry.

I may be dead wrong about this, but I have a dim recollection that JoBeth Williams (the mother in “Poltergeist”) played the woman.

Great, I thought I was going crazy :slight_smile: It’s been a while but you can still find a lot of those short clips online, this one is hard to pin down though.