70's stereo turntable & box of LP's

Are these worth anything?

Probably not.

Why not look at eBay?

yes and no. likely not worth much. people still use turntables and lps. making an effort to sell will depend on what it actually is. you might have local on line lists for selling or giving away such stuff.

The question is exceedingly vague. Almost all 70s turntables are worthless, especially those cheapo all-on-one units. Ditto any well used records.

A few -very, very few- turntables and LPs might be worth money. As the previous poster said, look them up on eBay. Be sure to check completed auctions as your items might not be currently listed, but have recently sold.

By ‘worth anything’ I assume you mean ‘are these things worth enough money to justify the time and effort needed to sell them.’

If there are any used record stores in your area you might want to bring them for an estimate.

Depends upon the turntable and the vinyl, along with condition.

Example, the Thorens TD 124 SELLS FOR $300 to well over $2000

There are a few JVC turntables worth rather a lot JVC QL-Y7

I wish I could remember the Technics one that was made on an obsidian base - extremely rare and valuable - and it is not the SP-10, which is rare enough and expensive.

The Sony biotracer turntables can also get up there in terms of value the PS-X75, is highly under rated, they are possibly the best turntables produced, you can’t get anything else of the same reproduction quality for anything less than $10k and I would challenge you on that as well.

There are a few reference turntables about but I cant remember the manufacturers,think it might be Thorens last time I saw one, it was going for around $40k - never got the chance to hear it though.

You need another turntable and a microphone. Then you’d have something.

I was very surprised to sell my stack of roughly 100 LPs from the 1970s—absolutely ordinary Elton John and Billy Joel and Jackson Browne stuff—for $65 to my local vinyl record shop last month. I even pulled out all the Beatles LPs before I took the box over. I had resolved to accept anything over $30, so I didn’t counteroffer.

Old 78 rpm blues recordings are hot at the moment, depending on artist. Some jazz collections on 33 sell well. Then there are the exotics, such as some of the Beatles’ albums, of which, it seems, there are endless variations, some of which bring a hefty price. Most of it is unsaleable, however, and I speak from experience.

The records could be worth money if either

  1. the covers were something special (think “School’s Out” where the cover folded into a desk, or the Grand Funk album with the 3D glasses).

  2. the records are rare

  3. the records are in good condition

  4. the records are considered classics

I suggest you find a used record store for a quick turnaround.

A little perspective: My dad gave my a bunch of Edison Cylinders he’s had for ages to see what they’re worth. I knew nothing what-so-ever about them but they were all over 100 years old, in excellent condition with no mold, and all had their cardboard tubes also in excellent condition.

Long story short- They’re each worth maybe $5 tops, that is if you can even find someone wanting to buy them in this economy.

They’re mass media, hundreds of millions of exactly identical ones were churned out for years. Sort of like asking if an old newspaper is worth anything…