70's STYX song origin.

Does anyone know where STYX came up with the song “Pexiglass Toilet” (a kinda-carribean song)?
I forget which album it was on. Serpent? Krakatoa? Or something like that.

I haven’t heard it since probably 1980 (when I still had 8-tracks), but it keeps popping up in my head.

Can’t answer why but where: Styx’ third album “The Serpent Is Rising” rereleased by RCA as “Serpent” after they went to A&M and made it big. It’s an unlisted track near the end of Side 1.

Krakatoa is a poem which leads into their rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus and concludes Side 2.

Dennis DeYoung blasted this album in an online chat. Mentioned some songs but not Plexiglass Toilet. As he explained it, Styx II’s lack of success compared to their debut made him not trust his instincts. So he tried out some goofy stuff.

Seems he returned to form on “Man Of Miracles” and when Lady broke in 1975 he was confident again. Maybe too confident!

I found the lyrics on a google search.

Is this song a cover, though?
Where did DeYoung come up with it?

I never heard it was a cover. And it’s uncredited. (gee I wonder why?)

Styx covers are “Lies” by The Knickerbockers and “Not Dead Yet”
by Ralph Covert & The Bad Examples.

Styx I was half written by others including George Clinton. That George Clinton?


I would like to threadjack slightly and say…

“Woooooo Bad Examples!”

(Their original of ‘Not Dead Yet’ is a million times better than the Styx one. And I’m not just saying that cos I interned with their record label…)