719 Days

That’s the number of days since my last login to these fine forums of erudition.

Two years ago, my employer started using a web filter, called “SmartFilter” that was so smart it considered The Straight Dope and its message bards “mature” websites, inappropriate for people like me to peruse while injesting our daily rations of coffee and tuna salad sandwiches.

Well, at some point, SmartFilter wised up and dropped SD from its list of blocked sites, and I discovered it yesterday, when the NumLock story got mainstream attention from sites like slashdot.org, which was once blocked for two weeks, and fark.com, which has never been blocked.

No, I didn’t say it was logical.

Anyway, I am looking forward once again to my daily dose of enlightment, and occasionally sharing what little wisdom I may offer from my little cubical corner of the cubicle farm.


:smack: And a daily dose of enlightenment, too.

I thought Shakespeare was dead.


Yeah, I liked the message bards thing, too.

Welcome back bug.


Oh wait… no.