74th & Central Park West NYC

I was watching the Odd Couple and Felix and Oscar won a car and they try to park it. Felix say he lives at 74th and Central Park West.

They first go to a garage and the guy wants $250.00 a month and Oscar say “I can get it 3 bedrooms and a bath for that”

I know it’s a nice part of Manhattan but how much is rent in that area today and how much would it have been in the early 70s. Does that sound about right?

For a 3 bedroom? Probably between $4,500-5,500 though in the super luxury apartments they could be upwards of $10,000. I have no idea what it was in the '70s.

I agree with this. And I also have no idea what rent would have been like in the 1970s, but there was a fair amount of rent control back then. The rent control movement started tapering off in the late '70s from my understanding.

Oscar isn’t saying that he could get 3 rooms and a bath at 74th and CPW – he’s just saying that $250 a month for a garage is enough to get an apartment in the city for that amount. I have to concur that this is a ridiculous fee for parking back then; $250 in '70 is $1400ish, and right now the average parking rate is about $500 - $600. The most I could find was $1100.

But as far as finding a three bedroom apt. for that amount, back then, I can see that being possible. Real estate wasn’t nearly as dear as it is now, even adjusting for inflation. Currently $1400 will get you a studio in a good but not great area. I’m in a rent stabilized building and I’m paying about $1000 for my studio with doorman/elevator on the East Side (near Bloomingdale’s, a good area).

A three bedroom on 74th and CPW is near Lincoln Center and has a Central Park view. Drool. Probably gonna run you $4K - $5K or so in a townhouse walkup, more in a doorman/elevator building. Just for the point of reference, there’s a one bedroom apt. in a walkup on 74th and CPW going for $2500. Here’s a bunch of sample listings for the Upper West Side nabe.

A similar case is Annie Hall. The situation: Annie (Keaton) wants to move in with Alvy (Allen), who is extremely resistant.


Alvy: Why would you want to give up a great place like you have?

Annie: That apartment costs me $400.00 a month.

Alvy: What?? For that little crawlspace?

To live anywhere in a 5 mile radius of Manhattan nowadays, I’d expect to pay at least $1000.00 minimum, for a probably-not-great space.

Making it more ironic is the later scene in which Annie asks him to come over to kill a spider (and lure him back into a relationship with her), her place dwarfs some apartments I’ve lived in!

That’s two blocks north of The Dakota, the infamous building where John Lennon lived and was shot in front of. Yoko is still there. I think that is the building that the book / movie Time and Again was set - the Christopher Reeve/Jane Seymour movie?

That is some pretty rarefied territory, price-wise…

Here’s the text from a NYTimes ad from 1970.

That’s a good point, I didn’t think of it like that. Actually the parking space was only $50.00/month but there was a four year wait for it. And it was under a leaky pipe (laughs)

To get it ASAP they had to pay $250.00, which Felix refused and it was a bad idea because they had to get up at 7am and move the car and with looking for a space, they already had over $100 worth of parking tickets.

Thanks for that info, it was very interesting