75 retired career Foreign Service officers call Trump "unqualified"

Most have never been publicly associated with a political party, but are on the record as voting for Hillary

Nothing the public cares about more than the opinions of retired career Foreign Service officers! Except for maybe contentless link-only OPs!

Bunch of losers. “Have you ever seen their pictures on a bubble gum card? Hmmm? How can you say someone is great who’s never had his picture on bubble gum cards?”

Lucy? Lucy, is that you?

Wow. You sure proved me wrong. Or something.

Shrug. I thought the OP title and the link text said all that was necessary. Should I have pontificated some just so the post would have more than that?

Yes. Or alternatively quoted a bit of your linked article. Or just drop your link only post into one of the ongoing threads if you were determined to be lazy.

Resident curmudgeon: "Yawn, who cares what a bunch of foreign eggheads say. The public knows that the real problem is that Obama is to blame for Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.

Wonder if Trump’s now considering printing bubble gum cards…

Question is, will they vote?

Foreign eggheads?

I don’t need the guy who was ambassador to Nicaragua 20 years ago to tell me that Trump is a boob. Maybe you do. Maybe you just want to wave the pom poms. Regardless, my point was this is going to have approximately zero effect on the electorate and the OP was annoyingly lazy.

CarnalK, if the OP was weak, your posts are actively harmful to the thread: you’re doing your damnedest to turn it from a discussion not of the act of the foreign service officers, but to a discussion of posting strategies. How do you see your own actions as remotely helpful or constructive? If you don’t see yourself as helpful, maybe you could change that, instead of just throwing snipes and potshots? Don’t need answer fast.

As to the OP: yeah, I saw this letter this morning. By itself I don’t know that it’ll be very helpful. My hope is that it’ll be a small reinforcement of the narrative that serious people don’t take Trump seriously. People who are thinking about voting for Trump will hopefully have their confidence in that vote shaken just a tiny bit by this letter.

Well, I am sorry for harming a very weak thread about a subject that will have, as you agree, very little effect on anything.

These two links are mind-boggling. :smack:

The second one – OMG. A whole flurry of tweets blaming Obama for everything from the sinking of the Titanic to the Great Chicago Fire. Someone has photoshopped him into the DaVinci Last Supper and blames him for the Crucifixion. He introduced John to Yoko Ono and brought down the Beatles. I needed a laugh today!
Regarding the retired Foreign Service officer: “I don’t think much of people who are retired. I prefer people who aren’t retired.” Channeling the Big Cheeto, in case that wasn’t obvious.

Why, because they’re “retired” foreign service officers?

It shouldn’t be any surprise that the groundswell of anti-Trump sentiment from the Republican side is mostly coming from former politicians and former senior public officials, because they’re free to express themselves honestly without impacting their political careers by breaking rank or by violating their obligation to political neutrality.

These are people who are genuinely concerned about the consequences to their nation of an uninformed dangerous demagogue being swept into power, and view this as far more important than partisan politics. I have not seen anything like this happen, well, ever, except that anyone old enough might remember something similar in the eventual fall of Joe McCarthy and the Orwellian period of McCarthyist witch hunts, ruined lives, and self-serving demagoguery based on lies and fear-mongering. And that particular insane demagogue was only a senator, not the President of the USA.

While I agree with you about this, I find it much more frightening that elected Republican officials, who’ve taken an oath of office, are willing to risk the country’s future in exchange for party loyalty.

If someone is 35 years old, a natural-born citizen, and resided in the US for 14 years then they are “qualified” to be president.

Would you not agree that it was a bit lazy on your part not to have stated this in the first place? And, what’s up with the thinly veiled hostility here?

Well, no. They’re allowed to run for president: they’re qualified to be a candidate. That’s not the same thing. To be qualified to be president, you gotta win an election. Which means persuading people that you’ve got the necessary traits to be a better president than any other contenders.

If you’re genuinely confused about what the FSOs meant when they said he was unqualified, lemme know–but it looks to me like you’re incorrectly picking a nit :).

Those are the minimum legal requirements, yes, but it’s rather obvious what is being discussed here is not that. The board of Nike could legally make me the Chairman Of The Board, but people could still reasonably talk about my obvious lack of qualifications for that particular job.