$7500 to convert Prius to plug in is NOT worth the $$


Any clown who thinks spending $7500 to convert their hybrid into a plug in in response to high gas prices is an idiot. They are already driving hybrids, which take quite a while to become cost effective themselves. Adding another $7.5K to the price makes them even less cost effective. How long will it take them to save $7.5K in gas to make up the cost? 10 years?

If the tree huggers want to do it in the name of the environment so be it but people who think they will be saving money in the long run are delusional. People do stupid stuff when the hype machine is cranking thats for sure.

Well, IIRC, the plug-in conversion gives you a 10 mile range. Assuming you would otherwise get 50MPG, and you drive at least 10 miles every day on average, then you are saving $365 a year in gasoline (at $5 per gallon), minus whatever the electricity costs. So, sounds like about 20 years. I am pretty sure the car or the kit won’t last 20 years.

I think the conversion is cool, but not for the savings. If you never leave SF, you can easily wind up using only a nominal amount of gas for the remaining life of the car.

10-mile range on the plug in? Eh, that’s a very long cord… :dubious:


Ya know the horse was a much more efficient, reliable, and cost effective means of transportation than the first automobiles.

Had the mindset of the day been like cubsfan’s then the buggy whip industry would still be strong today.

Your ire is misplaced.

  1. I quite doubt that very many people shelling out $7500 for a conversion seriously thinks it will be cost-effective, implications by the reporter notwithstanding.
  2. A car is a status symbol. Spending extra money to buy a Dodge Ram or a Beemer or a Porsche 911 isn’t cost-effective either, but people do so because they’re tough and folksy or sophisticated and successful or fast and furious. Some other people spend their money on plug-in conversion kits. Five’ll get you ten their neighbors have heard all about it.
  3. Be grateful for these early adopters. People doing things one at a time for large dollars will weed out the trouble spots and bad ideas, so if and when this does become a cost-effective solution, it smooths the way for the rest of us. (Remember that costs in high volume should be substantially less than one-at-a-time costs.)

This is why I hope more people buy solar panels, so it’ll eventually become cost effective for me to do so. Come on, people! Spend your extra money so I don’t have to!

Better make sure before you do this, or buy any sort of plug-in vehicle, that your area isn’t already suffering from problems in providing adequate electrical power supplies.

Alternately, they could spend $2000-$3000 on a scooter getting 120+ mpg and be a whole lot more energy efficient for the numerous times they can likely use it in the city (plus parking is laughably easy). Oh wait, I forgot, riding a scooter is “teh ghey”. :rolleyes:

Yeah, if there’s anything people in San Francisco are afraid of, it’s being thought of as “teh ghey”.

I’ve never ridden a scooter: how would they do on seriously steep hills, anyway?

Well, here’s a simulation of how they would do in “Liberty City”. Video NSFW.