8/31 SDMB downtime question

TubaDiva posted an announcement that the SDMB will be down for maintenance tomorrow 8/31 betweem 1AM & 4 AM. Is this U.S. Central time?

I’m in the Eastern time zone and I’m so addicted I often log on here around 4AM while enjoying my morning coffee.

Thanks in advance for fighting my ignorance!



Thank you, TubaDiva. The worst part is I read it twice and didn’t catch the EDT.
It’s been a long day…


And thank you for saying EDT. People saying EST, or PST in my region, during the summer is one of my pet peeves.

Cause and effect, perhaps?

Pays to live on the other side of the world. I’ll be snug in bed. Or ensconced in a live lesbian sex show, one or the other,

Could happen to any of us, and often does.

(Does anybody really know what time it is?)

Yes, I know … does anybody really care?

Damn. Turns out I was neither. For some reason, I thought the A.M. part referred to my time, so I got caught out today. Guess I need to stop drinking in the morning.

The good news is; if you do find yourself with EDT there are little blue pills for that.

(Of course, you can always choose the red pill, stay in Wonderland, and see how deep the rabbit-hole goes.)

The Straight Dope site will be undergoing maintenance on Wednesday, August 31 between **1 AM and 4 AM EDT.


The downtime was actually on Thursday, Sept. 1 between 1 AM and 4 AM EDT.

I had thought the downtime was already over when I read the announcement. It was already later than that.

It was down for me and I tried to get on after 4 AM. At least I feel better now about missing the Easter Daylight Time on the announcement. It seems the date and day were off, too.


No doubt you were confused by the lack of Easter eggs and yellow peeps(uck!).

Better luck the next time we do this. :slight_smile:

When I go to www.straightdope.com I’m still getting “straightdope.com is temporarily down for a database upgrade. Should be back soon.” I had to actually do work ALL night last night because of this!

Sorry for your inconvenience. :slight_smile:

The announcement I posted was based on information I was given, I dunno what’s happening. Everything does seem to be okay now, though.

I will report all this, fwiw.

I’ve been having intermittent downtime issues for the last two days. Anyone else?

No, I’ve always been pretty happy and well adjusted.

Well SHIT!

Seriously, Ed tells me they had a bit of not-rightness at the server and had to do some more work on it overnight. Seems okay now.

It’s been extremely erratic for me in the last hour or so. I keep getting “connection has been interrupted” pages.

Why can’t it be both?