8 days to go. Who will win the Presidency?

There it is. Lots going on right now, but who do you believe will win the election next week? Obviously, this has zero to do with who you want to win.

Who will win?

Note: I have not included any third parties. I just don’t think it is reasonable to expect any to win.

well looking at the early vote numbers for each state, it appears Clinton is leading

Hillary will win easily, of course.

If Hillary loses, I’ll eat your hat.

You better take a long look and sniff at my hat before you promise THAT.

Hillary, in a landslide.

Hillary, and it won’t be close.

It won’t be electorally close, percentage wise it will be about 5% or so.

It’s at 3.1% now as is. I think the early votes is a good general average for what’s to come.

From my forefinger to God’s…ear?..forefinger? This could get deep.

Mrs. Clinton, by a mudslide.

Clinton but of course there will be no landslide. Ridiculous.

Oh, I didn’t mean *YOUR *hat.

Clinton, but it’ll be interesting.

Clinton landslide.

Impossible to say at this point as the campaign has been so unpredictable. I still believe Clinton is favorite, not as big a favorite as she was two weeks ago, but still favorite.

Clinton will win and claim a mandate by the people due to the landslide but it won’t be a landslide. She will take more than one of Trump’s must win states so it is will be a comfortable electoral win just not a landslide.

Like Obama in 2012? Or was his a landslide? I thought he won, but Romney did quite well.

I voted Clinton, and I hope against hope I’m right. The American electorate taken as a whole has the IQ of a moldy ham sandwich, so it could still go to Trump. :frowning:

Clinton will win but I wouldn’t make a guess by how much. Only that it will be much closer than it by any rights should be.

Polls, ground game and early voting are all in Clinton’s favor.

The only thing Trump’s got going for him is the FBI email surprise which hasn’t been taken into account in the polls but which doesn’t seem likely to change anyone’s mind.

The definition of “landslide” is creeping more and more towards non-landslide territory these days. Used to be that you had to clobber your opponent by huge Electoral College margins to be a “landslide.” Now just about anything seems to be a landslide these days. I have an acquaintance who claimed that Obama’s victory over Romney (less than 5% margin in popular vote) was a “landslide.”
Didn’t Reagan beat Mondale by 16% in the popular vote? Didn’t FDR win one of his elections by over 20% in the popular vote? Didn’t FDR, LBJ, Nixon and Reagan all garner 500+ electoral votes at some point?
Is this a uniquely American thing? In some other countries, candidates win by huge margins and that’s the norm; yet in the USA a 5% margin can be called a landslide.
It’s like calling a 31-24 victory in an NFL football game a “blowout.”