8 planets game

Am I missing something here? I am having a diffficult time beating the 6th level and have never beaten the 7th one(and the game has 40 levels).The crappy thing is if I beat level 6 and lose at level 7 it restarts at level 6.The directions are in japanese and I cannot find an english version.Are their powerups or something?

I don’t know if there are powerups, but I did notice the animation when you lose fires much faster than you can. I think it’s just a case of poor performance in Flash (assuming the developer thinks the difficulty’s okay). I found the hit detection to be so bad that several times I fired at a wall of balls and the shot went entirely through them. So often you need to hit precisely in one spot - and missing can mean a huge difference - that it’s too tough to deal with the unknown way in which your shot will go.

It was a excellent game… I have played lot of time.