8 year old commits sexual harassment

My best-friend-of-25-years has an 8 year old daughter , and she generously shares her with me since I have no kids. My poor Miranda called me in tears yesterday- she was sent to the principal’s office and got a talkin’ to. Her offense? Blowing kisses at a boy on the playground. All I could think of was my playground experiences in the third grade. The boys used to chase us ,knock us down, and pull our skirts up over our heads.

Oh, and Randa wasn’t crying cause she got sent to the office- the principal asked her if her mother or father were home - she burst into tears because her father doesn’t live there anymore- my friend just went thru a nasty divorce. And yep, the principal actually called my friend at work to tell her about Miranda’s horrid behavior.
Times are a-changin’, I guess. :rolleyes:

Hell the boys used to chase us around and kiss us when they caught us. (It was sooooo gross!) Seriously though, I can see maybe pulling the kid aside and asking her not to do that (and I think even that is a little overboard) and sending a note home to Mom asking her to explain that the behavior might not be appropriate for school, but sending her to the principal’s office?

Fer cryin out loud.

hee- they talked to the boy ,too. He told the principal he didn’t really mind but that it made him “feel weird” .

It could be worse…

Anyone invented a time machine yet? I’d really like to just backtrack a few decades.

Public Enemy Number One.

Eight Year Olds

They’re trouble I tell ya.

Forget Elvis,Lord Lucan or Shergar. It seems a whole nation of brain cells has been kidnapped…

And FTR when I have kids, my 8-yr-olds will be free to leap out of trees, play football, smother each other in kisses and wander off for the day down to the woods quite cheerfully :slight_smile:

I cannot find a cite for this story just yet (if anyone can help it would be appreciated) but a while back there was a girl of about 10 who was put on the Sex Register (with the paedophiles) for messing around with her younger friends / relatives. It was a much more serious incident than the others but all I can remember thinking was “Come on…she 10 fer Pete’s sake!”

We (my flatmates and I) were just talking about all the childhood games we used to play like Kiss Chase and British Bulldog. According to the “new” government I guess we’re all sexual deviants and petty thugs. :rolleyes:


This is the closest I could come up with. I was 99% sure the girl was younger and it seemed less serious although I may have been wrong. I guess it’s stories like these that put “cotton-wooling” into perspective.

Didn’t Matt Parker or Trey Stone explain the SP boys as little bastards because “all 8 year olds are little bastards”?

Here I thought the Catholic Church had the market cornered on sexual repression in grade school.

How does one play British Bulldog?

British Bulldog rules tend to have a lot of regional variations. But the basic game involves running between two parallel walls and back, while avoiding geting caught by the other team. (In my day you had to be captured and lifted off the ground while chanting “British Bulldogs 1-2-3”) Those caught joined the side of the catchers. And so on until the winner is the one remaining person not caught, and up against everyone else.

Naturally it’s far too dangerous for children to play. It involves;

  • Intense competition. This means some children lose. Will someone please think of them?
  • Lots of physical contact. Sometimes even between boys and girls. Perverts, the lot of them.
  • Injuries. Little darlings fall over, bump into each other and run into walls. Ban it immediately.
  • Physical Ability. The unfit and the slow lose, and that makes them unhappy and they grow up to be lawyers. You want everyone to end up in court? Do ya?

Although there are variatons the basic game of British Bulldog played in my area goes thus:

From group of Primary-school children (say a class for example) one child is selected to be ‘it’.
Suitable venue (preferably featuring parralell(?) walls 20-40 feet apart is chosen.
Remaining children line up against wall being sure to continually touch it.
At signal, given by ‘it’, children run for opposite wall trying to avoid ‘it’ who is simultaneously trying to tag them.
Anyone who gets tagged replaces ‘it’ who is then retired from the game.
Continue till one child is left untagged.

BB is a notoriously violent game as the tags tend to be delivered enthusiastically and often with fists. Alternately there is the ‘group BB’ version where ‘it’ doe not retire but merely gets joined by an ever-expanding retinue and ‘trip BB’ which is (predictably) mre dangerous as runers attempt to avoid the outstreched and sweeping legs of their classmates. It goes without saying that on most occaissions these are combined to ‘Group trip BB’ in order to maximise the potential for damage.

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! I can understand the “zero tolerance” policies they have today, but this is absurd. Equally absurd is the article I read a year or two ago where an 8-year-old boy was suspended from school because he pointed a chicken finger at a classmate and said “Bang”. (sorry, I don’t have a cite).

I wonder if the school is imagining the “sex assault victim” 15 years from now, gettin’ it on with his girlfriend:
Victim: (shies away from girlfriend)
Girlfriend of victim: Hey, what’s wrong?
Victim: Sorry…I just can’t kiss you right now…I feel very uncomfortable…
Girlfriend: Why?? What’s the matter?
Victim: I…never told anyone this before, but when I was 8, a girl…blew kisses at me… (breaks down sobbing)
Girlfriend: Oh my God!! You poor thing, that’s so horrible…(they collapse in a heap and cry together)

Can’t find a cite, but read of a little lad 5 y.o. who was sent home from kindergarten with a note threatening dire consequences if his evil ways weren’t mended. The offense? Hugging his fellow students! :eek: The poor child is so confused that according to his Mother, he is reluctant to hug his family members, now.

Did someone conduct a study showing that as children Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, Jeffrey Dahmer, Sam Berkowitz, and Gary Gilmore were all serial huggers and kissers?

I’ve got something these educators can hug and kiss-lemme bend over, first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got in trouble once when I was little and wore a skirt to school. The boys couldn’t whistle catcalls, so they said “Wooo weeee”. I stuck my tongue out at one and I was the one to get in trouble.

Boys will be boys, I was told.

That sounds fun but it seems to me that the fat kids have an advantage as they would be harder to lift up off the ground and hold there.
On of my favorite pool games, so it wasn’t in school, was sharks and minnows.

One person starts as the shark and he, or she is in the water. All the other kids are outside the pool lined up. At a signal they all dive in and swim like there is a shark after them for the other side. The Shark grabs someone and pulls them to down. The caught person turns into a shark and now there are two sharks. Repeat till there is one left.

This involves loads of physical between kids in their swimsuits, under the thrashing water so the life guard can’t see.

Good times, good times.

I went to a Catholic grade school. The boys chased the girls and lifted up their skirts all the time. Most of us wore shorts under are skirts because of that. SO then the boys would run up, lift up your skirt and try to pull down your shorts. The nuns never noticed. This day and age, those boys would likely be expelled and serving hard time which I agree is excessive, back then I would have been happy with just seeing them get the business end of Sister’s ruler.
On a side note, the one time a boy tried that on me I was on the jungle gym at a height even with his head. He thought I wouldn’t be able to react since I was trying to balance but I still managed to kick him in the head and not fall off. Damn, I wish I were still that flexible.

But fat kid would be easier to catch. British Bulldogs involved a lot of stratagy; the last caught got to pick the next person, whose job it was to start the next run. If they made it to the far wall everyone else got to stampede. So the trick was to pick someone you think you can catch, but would also be a good addition to your team. No point in catching all the slowest first. If they were fat/big/strong then that’s where team-play mattered. One stratagy involved letting the first runner through, in order to gang-ambush one member of the following stampede when they are not expecting it.

British Bulldogs was a great game. :smiley: “Sharks and Minnows” sounds just like the aquatic version.