8 years of evil cuteness

another year has gone by, and the teeny tiny wee little baby we chanted one pound for has turned 8 years old. 8 whole years. it is amazing.
i hope your birthday has been full of wonderful things, people, cake and ice cream; evil emma kate.

may you have many more happy, healthy, wonderful years.

time does fly. Happy birthday Emma Kate and hope you’re doing great!

They grow up fast, don’t they? :smiley:

Holy cow has it been 8 years already?

Happy Birthday Emma Kate!

:eek: 8 years? Our (the SDMB’s) Baby Emma is EIGHT?!?!


comes to

Happy birthday, Emma Kate!

faints again

Here’s the link to the 1 year oldpost in case anyone wants the backstory. I can’t find the earlier ones