80 thousand pounds of gravel delivered.

About 36 yards or so. Three tandem truck loads worth.

Got a great Kubota tractor for it. It’s gonna earn it’s keep this weekend. All of it steep and 4x4. So I’ll need to worry about the weight in the bucket. Capacity rated at 1000 pounds.

Not new to me. It’s my tractor and I know it, but gonna have to watch my ass.

Gonna be a busy weekend.


And what are you going to be doing with 80,000 pounds of gravel?

Better than 30,000 pounds of bananas.

Depends on how hungry one is.

As the owner of a similar sized JD tractor, based on your loader capacity, keep the bucket low, particularly on side slopes.

Pff, couldn’t handle four?

We used to have a little Kabota and it did ok on our previous driveway, but at the current place (driveway about 1/4 mile) we got a Bobcat T200 tracked Skidsteer with an 8’ bucket. That thing is fucking huge. You should upgrade. :slight_smile:

I moved a literal sixteen tons of 3/4 minus river rock for a backyard patio area few years ago–used a Dingo walk behind excavator to level it all out and move a hill out of the way then brought in the gravel. Then built a retaining wall and backfilled the loose material by hand.That was fun–gave me a deep vein thrombosis somehow that nearly kilt me with a subsequent pulmonary embolism but I did it all the same, then eight months later I put down a couple tons of flat slate rock in the gravel to finish it off. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.