80s bands who are still going?

The first that come to mind are Bon Jovi and Styx. Bands that were big Big BIG in the 80s but are still going at it even if the enormous amounts of fame and adulation are gone.

Both Styx and Bon Jovi are on tour now. Styx is apparently coming out with a new CD in February… sans Dennis. I downloaded a few songs and it sounds to me like their getting back to their roots.

Aha is still going. I really want their new album but it is only available as an import, thus, it is hard to find. I can always order it, but I don’t want it quite that bad. It has the song “I wish I cared” on it that was featured in Smallville a few weeks ago.

The Rolling Stones (well, they were around through the 80’s) are still around, as well as Aerosmith (I think…).

Erasure were on Top of the Pops last week, which surprised me no end.

B-52’s, AC/DC, REM come to mind.

The Bangles had a comeback tour a year or two ago, which I attended, thankyouverymuch, and their newest album, Doll Revolution comes out on March 3rd.

It’s all of the original members (of their most well known incarnation, that is), but there was a nasty breakup in between, so I don’t know if that violates “still going”.

I saw both Echo and the Bunnymen and the Psychedelic Furs last year. They were great! (I still think Richard Butler is hot!)

I saw Frank Black (albeit with the Catholics not the Pixies) last fall.

Billy Bragg also came to town but I missed him.

The English Beat were on a TV talk show as well, with a new tour and album. I must confess that they weren’t as good. The lead singer looked like he had become a banker and when they sang ‘The mirror in the bathroom’, it lacked the old energy.

Well, 3/4 of R.E.M. are still together (Bill Berry quit, due to health problems).

What. No nitpick about Bon Scott? :smiley:


Duran Duran has reunited with the original band.

D2 has been putting out albums all along, despite low sales. The only new material worth mentioning in the 90’s was the Wedding Album, featuring the singles “Ordinary World” and “Come Undone”.

Warren Cuccurullo, their guitarist through the 90’s is returning to play with Missing Persons.

They have been in the studio with Nile Rodgers lately. Apparently, the only thing holding up the new album is an inability to sign with a label.


INXS has toured recently with a new lead singer
Phil Collins (writing for movies)
Huey Lewis & the News is performing in a local casino
David Bowie (although not exclusively '80’s)
Michael Jackson
Tom Petty
Peter Gabriel


Rod Stewart

eh, I’d give the Bangles a qualification. Styx is moving on just fine (better, if you ask me) without Dennis and I think it really helped them get back to what they were all about to begin with.

Saw Camper Van Beethoven in concert last night.
Fun show.

Mike Watt, master of the bass, still tours incessantly.

Metallica and the Beastie Boys

I’ve heard some spotty news about a possible new Tears for Fears album…

I saw the CVB reunion as well, great set. They’ve re-recorded fleetwood macs’ ‘TUSK’ and released it with a 2nd live CD. That’ll be something to hear. Camper was the soundtrack of my early 20s.

Bad Religion. Although they did suck for a while there, the latest CD is quite good.

Pet Shop Boys still churning it out (and touring…caught them a couple years ago.) They’re still pretty popular in England I think, but have more of a cult following here in the states.

G n R - well, sorta.

I was unexpectedly impressed with Medazzaland (98? 99?). “Electric Barbarella” was catchy and not even the best song on the album, IMHO. I bought it because…well…I buy D2 albums out of habit, and was shocked and pleased that it was so good. YMMV

Thanks, Mith!

New Order
Tracy Chapman
Elvis Costello (though I think he predates the 80s)
David Bowie (same comment as above)
Beautiful South