can a band really make a comeback?

I was listening to the radio last night and i heard styx promoting their new album cyclorama (i actually thought it was pretty good- but what do i know)… it got me thinking… can a band that has been around that long really return to the big time…

the stones are still here and still huge, but their new stuff is not the same
i feel like i hear a GNR comeback rumor every week
steele dan has returned somewhat
it seems like the classic rock stations are always pressing some boston reunion or somthing

do you all think that a band can do what styx is trying to do?.. return to former glory in a different musical environment?..

Weezer did it with the Green Album, kinda the same thing. They seemed like they were on their way out.

Aerosmith did a pretty good job. GNR won’t come back until Axl gets over himself.

Elvis did it, but he’s no band. Would you call Pink Floyd’s resurrection in '87 or '88 a comeback?

Does Santana count? He’s bigger now than ever, seems like.

The Bee Gees are a prime example. They were considered washed up in the early 70s, but came back with “Jive Talkin’” (which was first played to DJs with the name of the group not mentioned so they wouldn’t get the wrong idea) and became even bigger than before.

Traffic broke up in 1969, re-formed a year later, and were better and more successful than ever.

Heart made a comeback in the 80s. The B52’s seemed to have a comeback after being gone for while too.

The Eagles broke up for what, 16 years? Then released a #1 album. They haven’t made an album since, and if they release another one it’ll do the same thing.

Do bands that are just perennially popular, like the Eagles, count?

Frank Sinatra had a pretty good dry spell between his teen crooner years and his wise guy years.

Jefferson Starship had some big success in the 80’s, after languishing for 10 years or so.

The Moody Blues were big in the 60’s, then faded away for a decade or more before releasing “Long Distance Voyager”, which went to #1.

Tina Turner Went from being half of Ike and Tina Turner, then faded away for something like 15 years before hitting it big in the pop world when whe was already in her 50’s.

Tony Bennett had a big career resurgence in his late 60’s and 70’s after spending a couple of decades as a Vegas staple.

Spinal Tap started out as a 60’s folk group before hitting it big in the metal years with song like Sex Farm Woman and Stonehenge. (-:

Seems like Bon Jovi did a bit of a comeback in the past couple of years.

Fleetwood Mac had numerous comebacks, both before and after Rumours. I think Huey Lewis, Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello all have decent potential for comebacks.

Aimee Mann’s comeback took me by surprise.

Four words: Red Hot Chili Peppers.

After One Hot Minute they were assumed dead. Then they released Californication and ever since they can be legitimately considered a ‘now’ band - one that kids today can see on mtv and think of as one of “their” bands as opposed to one of their parents bands, or a band that was big ten years ago.

ok… so it is possible… do you all think styx can do it? I think it may be tough, they seem to have been out of the limelight for such a long time… here is a link where you can listen to some of their new songs … … it is some kind of promo thing for their new record… or if you dont want to listen…do you think they have a chance?

Boston came back for a while in the 80s. Third Stage was a popular album that had a couple of hit singles. This was eight years after their last album.

Yes had huge comeback success with 90125 and the single and video for “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, their highest charting single in the US ever. They followed up a few years later with the Big Generator album and the decent hit “Love Will Find A Way”. Not bad for a progressive rock group whose heyday was 1971-1973.

I don’t count the late 80s- early 90s version of Bad Company as a comeback, since key members were missing (to me it’s not Bad Company without Paul Rodgers) and the music of the second “corporate rock” version paled in comparison.

Aerosmith is the best example IMHO. They have had two hugely successful careers. I don’t think anyone else even comes close to these guys in the comeback department. They had it all, lost it all, and got it all back tenfold.

You go boys! :smiley:

Kiss’s decision to put their makeup back on in the mid-90’s can, in my opinion, be considered one of the most successful comebacks for a rock band. Their album may not have sold millions of copies, but the touring was insanely successful. Sure, it may be merely nostalgic, but this was no small-time reunion as some bands have had.

Let’s not forget Cher, who has probably had more comebacks than anyone…

Springsteen and the E-Street Band is another example. After the band disolved in the mid 80s, Springsteen had a few moderately successful albums, and a bunch of flops. In 2000 the band got back together, and now are one of the more active and exciting groups out there.

As for Styx, I haven’t heard the new album… didn’t Tommy Shaw die, or have some sort of breakdown or something?

Oh, also, Meatloaf. He managed to rejuvinate his career for about a year with Bat out of Hell II

I saw CNY&Y a couple years ago and they were great. Just like the old days. But no new commercial success, OTOH.

U2 went away to reinvent themselves, and did.

The red hot chilli peppers really did die with “one hot minute.”
And I actually think it was “under the bridge-itis” that killed them

I don’t think Guns and roses will pull it off. All Axl is trying to do is re-create his old band. I don’t think the artistic process works that way.

Then there’s Exile

Decent pop hit in the 70s with Kiss You All Over. Then dropped off into One-Hit Wonder Hell, or so we thought…

I went to work for a country-western radio station in 1984, and surprise, there’s Exile with two hits! And several more since!

Now that’s not only a comeback, but re-inventing yourself!