Band Reunions You'd Love (And Pay Good Money) To See

The Specials reformation, and CSN’s recent visit here got me thinking…which bands would you love to see get back together? Rock/Pop/R&B/Country/etc…living persons only, although partial reunions (without deceased members obviously) would suffice.

Although Gene Clark is gone, I’d fork over some clams to see Roger McGuinn reunite with David Crosby & Chris Hillman for a Byrds tour. The same goes for Rockpile (my affection mentioned in a previous thread) and The Jam on tour would really be something.

That’s all I can come up with so far…what say you?

P.S. I’m aware these three are highly unlikely…I just read the wiki entry re: what Paul Weller stated when asked about a reunion - “reformations are sad…Me and my children would have to be destitute and starving in the gutter before I’d even consider that…” Still, one can dream…

Talking Heads, but judging by what the various members have said about each other (mostly Tina Weymouth dissing David Byrne) since they broke up, I don’t ever see it happening…

My top 3:

  1. Pink Floyd

  2. Pink Floyd

  3. Pink Floyd

For fourth place, it would be CSN+Y.

Did any of you watch [url=’this show about six years ago?

As for me, a lot of bands I liked that broke up have recently gotten together again, even if only for a little while.

Bands still broken up that I’d like to see, looking at Wikipedia Randy Bachman and Fred Turner are back together and touring, but I’d like to see Robbie and Tim Bachman join for an official BTO reunion.

I’d love to see Led Zeppelin, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen again, barring another one-off for a worthy cause. It seems they’ve decided that there’s no way to top what they had, so they’re not going to take a chance on screwing up their legacy. As much as I would like to see them, I think it’s the right decision.

I understand that David Gilmour played onstage with Roger Waters at a benefit a few weeks ago, so I suppose a Pink Floyd reunion is not totally out of the realm of possibility…

I’ll preface this by saying I won’t be satisfied with these bands getting together for a show. No, I want them back together writing and recording, too!

Bands Reunited was great. It was a bummer when 3 of the 4 band members wanted to do it, and therefore they didn’t bother. (Most bummed out about the Squeeze and English Beat non-reunions.)

I’d like to see the Talking Heads, too.

The Smiths, but litigation and the relative success of the post-Smiths careers of Morrissey and Marr make this damn near impossible. :frowning:

R.E.M. needs Bill Berry back in the worst imaginable way.

Electronic (Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr)

New Order


English Beat (there are two competing Beat bands, one led by Dave Wakeling, and one by Ranking Roger. Just get together, damnit!)

Midnight Oil

Level 42

Split Enz


Whoops, I meant [url=]this show](’this show[/url)

Looks like they’re kind of back together on a part time basis. From Wikipedia:

Hippy Hollow pretty well mentioned all my dream reunions.

I’d add only: Prince and the Revolution (all permutations of, including getting Dez Dickerson and André Cymone to join in), Roxy Music, and the Statler Brothers.

Well, I’d probably mortgage my house to buy tickets to a Beatles reunion, but John and George would have to come back from the dead, first.
Of reunions that are a bit more feasible. well, I MIGHT like to see…

Greg Lake, Robert Fripp, Mike Giles, Pete Sinfield and Ian McDonald playing their older King Crimson material together again (it really IS the 21st century now- time for “Schizoid Man”!). But none of those guys seems like the nostalgic type.

No recordings but both these bands have reformed. *Midnight Oil *twice for disaster relief gigs and Split Enz every few years it seems. At one of the Enz reformations there was talk of a new album but it never happened.

The Alan Parsons Project (the original one, all together) which is unfortunately no longer possible since Eric Woolfson’s passing. Wouldn’t have been anyway, since Eric didn’t like to tour so there never was a touring version of the original APP.

I second Talking Heads, and add The Police. Another unlikely reunion.


I sit corrected. I remember Bret Michaels begging for it on a VH-1 countdown. Must pre-date the reunion.

I missed my chance to relive my childhood and see the Spice Girls when they decided they’d made enough money and cancelled the non-Europe and non-North American legs of their reunion “world” tour, so I’ll say them even though I still officially resent them for that.

ABBA, even for just one single.

I would have said the Jackson 5/Jacksons before Michael died, now I’d go see the remaning brothers but it wouldn’t be even a fraction of the amazing that it could have been.

Culture Club because I was too young to even really know who they were last time they did a reunion tour.

I don’t think Kraftwerk have ever broken up but they’ve been inactive for a while and they’re on my must-see live acts list.

Eurythmics would be beyond amazing. They released a single in 2005 but there was no tour.

Dixie Chicks need to stop faffing about with side projects and get back together already, mostly because I stupidly missed their last tour and they’re also on my must-see list.

The three original members of Sugababes doing anything together - anything at all, even a photo shoot or a stroll down the shops - would be fantastic and would send their early fans into a state of hysteria.

Renaissance. Get John, Jon, and Terry to relax and join Michael and Annie for a tour. They still have the chops, so just do it!

Guns & Roses, original lineup. Slash, Izzy, Axl, Duff, Steven.

Ditto The Jam. There is hope; Weller and Foxton seem to have kissed and made up, collaborated on a song or two on Weller’s new album, and appeared together onstage briefly.

Journey with Steve Perry as the lead.