Band Reunions You'd Love (And Pay Good Money) To See

The rumours are circulating about a Kinks reunion again.
After seeing the Queen w/Paul Rodgers show, I really would love to see a Bad Company reunion.

I’d love to see the original ELO back together. Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood and Bev Bevan. Although Lynne has had some rather ugly things to say about Bevan since he tried starting ELO2 so I don’t see it happening. Eh … screw him. Just get Lynne and Wood back together.

Sad thing is, most of the reunions I’d very most want to see are because one or more members are dead. :frowning:

Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

Or, failing that, David Bowie/Mick Ronson/Trevor Bolder/Woody Woodmansey.

I know they’ve done some one-off dates in the past, but maybe The J. Geils Band will reunite & tour if they get in the R&RHOF(!).

Thanks for all the responses so far. I’m assuming the CSNY post was a whoosh?

Dead Can Dance - missed their reunion tour about ten years back and still kicking myself.

I saw Roxy Music when they did their reunion tour a while ago; that was pretty cool (no Brian Eno, though, which I suppose was to be expected). Also saw the Police at Wrigley Field on their reunion.


Going through my list, I realized that some of these will never happen due to death of key members, but if money was NO pbject, i’d love to see…

The Minutemen
the Clash
Big Star

Ones that could actually happen…

Husker Du
The Mummies

Just saw the Gories back together last weekend in Lawrence Kansas. Awesome show.

Sentenced. That’s impossible though. RIP Miika Tenkula.

Ummm…I guess it would be ok if they got back together and did a show with Slim on guitar. I would certainly see it but it really wouldn’t be the same as it was before they fired Bob Stinson. And that’s a reunion no amount of money can make happen, sadly.

See, I’d like to see any band reunion where all of the members are dead. Think about it - Zombie Band Reunion. How cool is that?

(Or maybe a band where only the drummer is alive and he’s looking really spooked.)

I’d love to see the “classic” line up of Genesis, but the chances for that are slim and none.

amen to XTC, Genesis, Replacements, Smiths…

I’ll add the Judybats…

Even before two of Pink Floyd’s members died I used to joke that there was more of a chance of a Beatles reunion, WITH John, than of all the members of Pink Floyd getting back together.

But besides them:
– The Promise Ring. I see Maritime whenever they roll through but despite sharing two members they never cover their old songs.
– I was gonna say “Odds”, but Wiki says they’ve reformed. Fat chance of an American tour, tho.
– Is it too early to mourn Panic! at the Disco? I think they had a chance to utilize the tension in the band between musical styles to help create great music, but apparently not. I’m just hoping that what they were working on before the writer decided that it was “too much of the same thing” and pushing toward a more Beatle-esque direction can be salvaged for a new album (as I actually wanted more of the same Fever-era songs,) but that’s one more album at the most, and who knows if the remnants of the band can write well (they can indubitable play and sing well.)

If only Mick were still alive…

Another vote for Byrds, Crimson, and Genesis.

I’d also love to see Ian Anderson, Glenn Cornick, Clive Bunker, and Martin Barre perform Stand Up and Benefit in concert.

The Sugarcubes - (they did a one-off reunion in Iceland a few years back). I really want this because I had to eat tickets I had in 1989 due to illness.

That’d be cool. I’d love to see an ELO show in any form, as long as Jeff was there. I would have wanted to see a reunion of the line-up from when they had their hits (Lynne, Bevan, Tandy, Grocutt, and the strings), but Kelly Grocutt passed away some months ago.

I pretty much agree with Weller on reunions being pretty pathetic - I don’t really have a nostalgic bone in my body - but I’d probably see Husker Du if they re-formed. Saw the Replacements many times, but never caught Husker Du. I’d consider The Smiths and The Jam, as well.


A little Googling reveals that Supertamp is indeed together and touring, but not with Roger Hodgson and so far only in Europe.