80s Comedies

This is a follow-up to my [thread=555725]poll on 80s coming-of-age/teen movies.[/thread] Which are your favorites from this list?

Public poll, multiple choices are allowed.


I really need to start reading the OP before participating in the poll. I chose 11. I must wear the mask of shame. :frowning:

1987 was a funny year:

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Princess Bride

Space Balls

Pretty cool.

I tried hard to whittle my list down to 10, but since Bosstone picked 11, I gave myself permission to pick 11, too (in the spirit of This Is Spinal Tap). In my defense, I always count the items in my cart before going to the express checkout lane.

Ha, I made that rule about choosing 10, and then I picked 12. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that picking 11 would be in the spirit of Spinal Tap, but then I couldn’t eliminate one more choice so I gave up on that joke for the moment. As it is, Ghostbusters didn’t make my top 12 (I liked Stripes better), and neither did Spinal Tap, although I loved both. Maybe I need to list a second-tier group.

The Breakfast Club was a comedy?

Where’s Brazil???


Where’s Ghostbusters???
Edit. Nevermind. Missed it.

There are many classics on there that I’ve never actually watched, and many that, even though I acknowledge their popularity, were never ones I would consider a favourite.

I picked 8 of them.

I’m not sure if Back to the Future counts as a comedy.

Are you kidding? With such killer lines as “That’s heavy, Doc.” “Weight has nothing to do with it!” how could it not be a comedy?

Seriously, though, you’re right in that I can’t think of a whole lot of laughs. But it’s a solid 80s uplifting movie with a happy ending and I’d be inclined to stick it in the comedy section too. Call it a traditional comedy, maybe?

Great minds think alike! I chose 11 solely because of “Spinal Tap”, although I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t No. 1 (yet). “Airplane” is a worthy alternative for No. 1, though. I also think “Bluesbrothers”, “Time Bandits” and “Vacation” need more love, too.

I run hot and cold on John Hughes so, although I can get behind “The Breakfast Club”, I absolutely despise “Ferris Bueller” and think “Uncle Buck” is merely okay.

Oh, and where the heck is “Brazil”?? That’s near the top of my all-time best 80s movies, comedy or not. Besides that (and maybe “Porky’s”) I think you’ve captured the era pretty well.

Since we’ve got two write-in votes for “Brazil”, I thought I’d add one for “Bachelor Party”. Definitely not a very good movie, but it still has a spot in my heart since the yuppie bad guy, Cole, was an absolute dead ringer for my best buddy in high school, Colin. Cole = Colin!!! Oh, the hilarity.

i thought for sure spinal tap, better off dead, and uncle buck would have at least twice as many votes as they do.

Spinal Tap and The Princess Bride are catching up to Airplane! now. I’m surprised that Airplane is more popular than those two.

I don’t know why Better Off Dead isn’t getting more votes. :dubious:

Better Off Dead (and its lesser known brother, One Crazy Summer) rocks!

Stripes only up until they graduate from boot camp.

What? No Faces of Death?

For shame.

And in a perfect world, A Fish Called Wanda would be winning this by a landslide.

Both of these threads revealed to me that I remain a child of the 80s; I doubt a 90’s movie thread would have me picking so many “favorites”.

I have to say… no love for “Fletch”???

Damn, I didn’t even read the OP before voting, I just saw it was multiple choice and went to town. I think I voted for 24! And that was with being surprised that I hadn’t seen so many of them.

Sorry! I’ll try to remember to read the OPs before voting from now on.

(make that 25 with another write-in for Brazil)
If I could only choose one, it’d be Raising Arizona.

Nice to see that Ruthless People got several votes.