Vote for the best movie of the 80's.

Vote for the best movie of the 80’s.

This poll is based on the most voted movies from this thread.


I take issue that Krull has been cruelly overlooked among the options.

Ahhh. Must be a delayed thing.

What, no Taps? Or Willow? :wink:

I loved ET, Raiders, ESB as a kid, but while there are some very good movies on this list, only two of them are truly GREAT - and Raising Arizona isn’t without flaws.

Therefore, I voted Amadeus, about as un-80’s a movie as made in that decade.

(I know that a lot of critics would go for Once Upon a Time in America, but it never really did anything for me other than make me snore. Sorry.)

ESB tops my list, edging out Raiders and Back to the Future.

But they were all pretty good in their own way.

Difficult choice. I voted for Raiders. I remember leaving the theater and thinking I’d seen something really special. But I had the same feeling about most of the other movies on the list. Except for Once Upon A Time in America. I’ve only seen it once and it has some memorable scenes (the pastry especially), but it was just too damn long.

I didn’t expect Star Wars and Indiana Jones to top the list. Are they really better than Terminator, Aliens, or Blade Runner? IMO the latter have much better stories and acting.

It might be that all the votes are probably from people who watched them when the movies came out. They were probably more interesting then. Now not so much.

This looks more like a “top-grossing” film list than “best” list. Not to be a snob, but come on… Ferris Bueller? While films like Tootsie, Glory, Raging Bull, Sophie’s Choice, Ordinary People and Dangerous Liaisons are absent? Dayum.

Of this list, I pick Amadus without a doubt, though Platoon was highly effective.

Well, the best move of the '80s was This Is Spinal Tap. But given the choices, I went with Back To The Future.

I voted for Amadeus, as I think it’s head and shoulders above the rest of the list. But yeah, Spinal Tap is right up there too. And I’m starting to think that A Christmas Story is not only one of the best holiday movies, but one of the best movies of all time in any genre.

Oh crap I forgot Spinal Tap! Yes, that would be in there too. As would Broadcast News and Hannah and Her Sisters.

Huh. I think of those two as pretty equivalent.