8th grade teacher attempts to educate students about sex-parents go batshit

I’m frustrated by these ‘head in (sand/ass-choose one) types’ who seem to think if their little dears are kept ignorant of all matters concerning human sexuality, that they will all pass through life free of STDs and unwanted pregnancy. How willfully obtuse can these people be?

The program talked about oral sex and masturbation. Pleasure, and the mechanics of sex! :eek: Christwagons-we can’t have kids actually learning about sex before they do it. They should fumble around in the back seat of the Chevy like countless generations before them. :rolleyes:

At 14 years of age, the hormones are flowing, and these youngsters need clear, truthful information, not old wives tales, and “don’t do it” lectures. I applaud the teacher for attempting to drag sex ed towards real, worthwhile education.

At least read the article before you get into the whole RO thing.

Do you really think that teaching 14yos about sexual positions is a valid (or even acceptable) part of sex education?

Yes, I have to say, I think the kids can figure out how to make sex feel good on their own…they don’t need a teacher to give them explicit details. If the kids were so embarrassed that they were complaining to their parents, I think you can assume that the material was not appropriate for them.

Well, we all know that all sex ed is equivalent. Therefore, protesting extreme examples like in the article is exactly the same as being the kind of troglodyte that the OP correctly mocks.

BTW (and this is an honest question, not a complaint), why would such things be on an AIDS education site at all?

Actually, to play devil’s advocate, an exceptionally lazy teacher could conceivably assume that there would only be sex-ed. style stuff on the site and neglect to check over the printout ahead of time (which was what the school seemed to be saying). Idiotic regardless, I suppose.

I did read the article, thanks. Teenagers should be offered instruction, as opposed to letting them learn on their own, as the trials and errors of same can carry negative consequences.

When I was 14, if my health teacher, Coach Odo, attempted to explain anal sex in front of the class, I think I would have gone into a coma.

Also, who the heck needs a guide to masturbation? I can understand G-spots and positions being tricky, but heavens-to-murgatroid wanking or diddling are two of the easiest things in the world.

On my RO scale, this gets a 4/10.

But when it comes to masterbation, isn’t self-discovery all the more fun and exciting?

We survived that just fine.

Nobody likes a fibber. You know you are emotionally scarred! :stuck_out_tongue:

Generous. I give it a 1/10. Maybe 1.5 tops.

Also, can I get a link to the guide on masturbation? Does it say if it’s normal to cry afterwards? :frowning:

No clue if it’s normal, but apparently crying during or after masturbation is called “Chetching” and the person is called a “Chuch.” I think I might have been whooshed though. Link here. Hope you’re well :frowning:

Is this how it’s going to work now? All thread are going to get a RO score? :rolleyes:

I’m with Caridwen. Is this what we’re doing now?
For the love of God, why?
It’s really, really dumb.

When the fuck did RO become the term of the day? Fuck that shit, and don’t warn people of “RO”. Fucking hell…

Heh, RO is the new “Hi Opal”

Since Carnick took umbrage.

It seems he started it, and has become more annoying than his original complaint.

I imagine it is now a board fixture. I still like gotcha now, so fucko off.

What’s the matter with you? Don’t you realize sex is Teh. Great. Evil. that will bring all of civilization down?

Have these people not watched Oprah? Have they not read the news? Kids younger than that are getting it on bigtime. And parents, apparently including the ones on this site, are doing the ‘if I pretend it doesn’t happen, it won’t happen lalala’ song with their fingers in their ears.

Ignorance is about not knowing. It’s almost forgiveable. Wilful ignorance is stupidity.