9/11/07: anyone getting work done today?

I’m hardly getting any actual work done what with our network being down most of the day (still is, at least we have net access) and the suspicious package report this morning.

Your title implies that many people would not be getting work done simply because it’s 9/11, but then we find out that your office has connectivity and security issues. That’s a little misleading, IMHO. :dubious:

Sorry, didn’t mention that I’m in a Government office that was about a half-mile from the Pentagon six years ago. I probably wouldn’t be getting much done anyway.

On retrospect, I should have asked “Anyone else not getting much work done today?”

I was in the Pentagon during THE 9/11.
I am beginning to notice that the people not directly involved now seem to be affected more than those of us that were.

I got lots of work done today. More than usual, actually.

I got lots of work done. I was called in three hours early and worked my butt off.

Because you work in a government office. The proximity to the Pentagon is irrelevant.

Business as usual at my workplace. The only thing different was that the flag was at half-staff on the flagpole in front of the building. My page-a-day calendar called today “Patriot Day”.

A co-worker and I had a nice discussion about where we were on the original 9/11. I don’t think people are forgetting 9/11, but they are finally starting to move on. This is the first 9/11 I haven’t dreaded since 2001.

I didn’t notice much acknowledgment of it, really. I noticed the date when I went to write it on my page at the start of class, realised “Huh, that was a Tuesday too”, felt sad for a brief moment and then started learning all about physics. I’m sure there was some sort of recognition somewhere, but it just didn’t show up on the bus, metro, in class, or at home. I didn’t even read the paper or watch the news today.

In other words, it was a typical day.

For me, the fact that the day fell on a Tuesday again was a little bit significant anyway. See, I belong to a club of mostly displaced Americans that has its meetings one Tuesday a month, and in September 2001 it should have been on the 11th. The meeting was cancelled, partly due to a panicky is-this-safe reaction and partly because the folks in charge believed members would rather be home with their families and friends that evening. Now here it was six years later and the club meeting again fell on the 11th, and we were all together. That fact was briefly mentioned, and it felt good to be there together.

Then we got on with socializing. As it should be.

I took off work so I could meet the girls at the bus stop today (Mom, who usually picks them up, had a dr. appointment.) I did some housework and read the paper. I spent the afternoon watching Cartoon Network with the girls and making them snack after snack; apparently they didn’t like the school lunch and therefore didn’t eat much of it. Because of mostly watching kid-oriented TV, I missed whatever 9/11 related programming there was.