9-11 And Pot

It seems like very day there is a new ad linking Marijuana to terrorism and I guess I would like to know if there have actually been any ties shown to the public that link bowls to bombs. I guess I have trouble buying the idea that there is such a direct link that exists. Does any one know how valid this is?

If there is in fact a link then wouldn’t this be an argument FOR legal government grown or regulated grass?

Isn’t most pot in America from the Americas? (As far as drugs are concerned, I think they’d be more worried about opiates). What about gasoline though?

I remember reading news accounts that mentioned that the terrorists used marijuana the day of the attack, though I have no clue how they would know this. I don’t remember anything about the sale of marijuana being used to fund terrorist activities however.

What!!! :eek:

Are there ads showing on TV linking drugs and terrorists? What is going on over there? Is this true?

It’s actually pretty simple–money given away by self-indulgent middle-class white idiots goes to people who are ruthless bastards who affect neighborhoods here and abroad in horrible ways to keep the trade going. Some Americans are so sheltered and naive they deny this and are shocked when it’s pointed out to them, which the government is currently doing in a series of ads that show (actors) portraying children killed in drive-bys over drug turf and families killed in South America and such. And the opium-Taliban link is definite.

I grew up in the Bronx. In the 1970s. I watched the neighborhoods burn. And drugs contributed to it–a lot of it, not all–and made some places here hells on earth.

Legalization might alleviate it, but selfish people saying no to their need to feel goofy once in a while would STOP it.

The ads to which I think the the OP is referring are available here, at the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s website. A related thread on this subject is Stupidest anti-drug commercial yet.

Mehitabel, it’s not just “self-indulgent middle-class white idiots” who are drug abusers. Using ignorant invective isn’t a good way to prove a point.

Whoops, forgot the forum but this is something I feel strongly about. The “idiots” reference is not to anybody in this thread or anybody who disagrees with my stance. Just wanted to make it clear.

I think the ads are saying that marijuana is part of a whole underground drug economy that funds a whole host of terrible things, that’s all. And when Joe Yuppie buys a dime bag, he’s contributing to it. And even if he doesn’t spend much money, it would be like him saying in relation to an assault, “Hey, those other guys raped her, all I did was yell at her and kick her in the ribs once.” Sorta misses the point that you’re not supposed to have attacked her to begin with.

And oh yeah, read a lot of 9/11 coverage and while some of the hijackers did seem to indulge in a bit of wine, women, and song before their deed, pot was never mentioned at all.

pious Muslims aren’t supposed to DO drugs. Massacre innocents yes, but NEVER drugs.

To date, there aren’t any commercials stating the link between alcohol, sex, or singing to terrorism. Weird.:rolleyes:

i always thought marijuana made you more peacefull;j

Is it?

The Taliban banned and burnt the opium crops. Now that Afghanistan is ‘free’ The farmers are able to return to growing their traditional crop.

Pity I am on 56k and can’t see the ad.

Well, it kinda is, if any of the posters to this thread use illegal drugs.

The link between buying drugs and funding terrorism is far less clear than the link between, say, paying taxes and funding police brutality or third world militias. The link between marijuana and terrorism is even less evident, since a lot of marijuana consumed in the U.S. comes from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

I Do Not Use Illegal Drugs!

I have never heard of any turf wars or violence due to pot. Since, as other posters have pointed out, pot is not coming from terrorists. I’ll bet that the burning neighborhoods were due to coke and heroin, not pot.

I do on occasion, compared to pot, use a much more powerful and harmful drug - Alcohol.

oh, you’re funny.

also, suv’s.

basically, anything someone wishes to demonize is linked to terrorism.
I expect that in about a year, or so, our gov will set up hearings to determine who is a terrorist sympathizer.

I look forward to the next election period flooding the airwaves w/‘my opponent is soft on terrorism!!’

I know a guy who grows his own for personal consumption, is he a supporting terrorism?

does he drive an suv?

No, but his car has an LT1, with loud exhaust and scares the hell outta’ hondas.

Watch… Soon cigarettes will be illegal, but pot will be sold by Marlboro.

Everyone I’ve ever met who has smoked pot (and this is quite a number of people… enough that I can’t count them all) has procured their smokeage from American growers. I don’t know ANYONE who has got weed from anywhere outside of the US, with the exception of the Bahamas, which we might as well own anyways.

I think those commercials are a joke. Had they used the commercials for other drugs than it would be easily plausible, but they had to go and try to scare 12 year olds… “If you buy pot, you’re a terrorist!