9/11 Cockpit Transcripts

Does anyone know exactly why the govenment (FBI) refused to release the transcripts from the hijacked 9/11 planes?

I thought it was to protect the victim’s families from having to re-live those awful moments, but is that a good reason not to release information that would be of interest to thousands of people?

Was there any another reason given?

Would it somehow jeapardize national security if we knew what these guys said?

It is illegal for FAA investigators to release CVR data from any crash to the public.

From the NTSB’s website:

“The CVR recordings are treated differently than the other factual information obtained in an accident investigation. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the verbal communications inside the cockpit, Congress has required that the Safety Board not release any part of a CVR tape recording. Because of this sensitivity, a high degree of security is provided for the CVR tape and its transcript. The content and timing of release of the written transcript are strictly regulated: under federal law, transcripts of pertinent portions of cockpit voice recordings are released at a Safety Board public hearing on the accident or, if no hearing is held, when a majority of the factual reports are made public.”

This can’t be it, they played the tapes for the families of the crew and passengers of Flight 93.

One other reason given for silence on Flight 93 tapes was that they were expected to be played as evidence in the terrorism conspiracy trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the man who prosecutors believe may have been the intended fifth hijacker aboard Flight 93

I have to ask what purpose would be served, besides purient interest, to release the tapes publically – journalsits as check on government veracity and family memebers have all had access - as have those investegators with a need to know.