Recordings on Flight 93

If you were a family member of one of the victims that perished on this plane, would you really want to hear the recording of his/her last moments? I don’t think that I could do it. I think it would just be agonizing!

I don’t either Fluffy.
I read in the paper yesterday a description of the sounds and quotes they were going to hear and it was just plain chilling. Sure, if you knew you were going to distinctly hear a relative’s voice saying “Sweetheart, I love you and have no regrets”, that would be one thing. But they’re going to hear despair and terror and I personally think it would be horribly difficult to deal with on top of everything else they’ve gone through. No thanks. Not in the least bit interested.

“Amy, I love you.” – The last words of a doomed co-pilot just before the sound of impact. (Not Flight 93.)

I don’t know if I could stand hearing a loved one’s last moments in terror. I’d probably be hearing it for the rest of my life.

No, I wouldn’t want to hear it.

Nor would I want it made public. God, I hope they don’t do that.

i want to hear it. sorry! and knowing the (low) level that the “media” has sunk to, i’m pretty confident i will get to tune into “Worlds most Chilling Plane Crash Cockpit Voice-recordings” on Fox within the next few months…

its news, its information, its interesting. i would listen.

Lie, cheat and steal-- not just a saying, but a way of life.

I really doubt this. Pilots have successfully lobbied to make these available for investigations only. I think this is a one-time deal made because of the public pressure and national status of the tragedy. But if it did happen, I’m with you–I’d listen.

Actually, in todays paper (Las Vegas Review Journal) it was reported that the tape would be played at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui so it will become a public record.

I too would like to hear it. Mainly because I think those people on the flight need to be heard and recognized for what they did. I would also like to hope that hearing the tape would kill some of the ‘terrorist are martyers(SP?)’ stuff that is going around in the Middle East. Maybe, just maybe, hearing someone fight and die to save others peoples lives will change some peoples minds. I doubt it, and I probably sound like a fool for hoping, but I do hope.


This is the reason why I hated the video for that song “Back to One” (or whatever it was called). You know the one where the guy is on a plane that’s crashing so he calls his wife on his cell phone before the crash? I wouldn’t be able to listen to that, I wouldn’t be able to listen to the tapes from Flight 93 either. It’s too intense. It may sound cruel and heartless but I don’t want to share in anybody’s last moments. It would hurt me far more than I’m willing to be.