9-11 Pentagon missiles no plane ...

You know the drill. Please link to sources debunking the theory that what hit the Pentagon in 9-11 was a missile and not a plane. Google gets me more pro than against.

Any argument for a missile hitting the Pentagon needs to answer these questions.
Where is American Airlines Flight 77?
Where are the 180+ people who were on flight 77?

Then what happened to that plane, and all the people on it?

Calling Rod Serling . . .

That assumes you are arguing against rational and intelligent people.

I found the Popular Mechanics site that has some pictures of plane wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon. I would like something more along those lines. Pictures from before the collapse of Ring E, identifiable plane parts, etc.

But the Pentagon was hit by a missile - from a particular point of view - when the terrorists took over the plane, it ceased being the plane and became the missile.

From a particular point of view.

If they are irrational and unintelligent, why would that be more persuasive?

They would yell, “Photoshopped!”

I need to make a correction.
The 180+ people includes people in the Pentagon, not just passengers in the plane. The 180 # includes 100+ people in the Pentagon. Sorry.

Here is a link with some wreckage pictures. (weak stomachs will be fine here)


Snopes has a pretty good overview.

Why can’t you show them the 10,000 previous threads debunking this nonsense?

I suppose that the thousands of people who saw the plane hit with their naked eye aren’t good enough? In that case, I don’t know what would be.

Thanks for the responses. Anything about the surveillance cameras in nearby businesses that were confiscated and never released?

Graphic evidence is a powerful tool. Asking about a missing plane leaves the doubt of “how do I know there was one in the first place?”. Plus, the case at hand is more of ignorance confused by the conspiracy propaganda, more than obtuse refusal to logic and reason.

Heh! true that. Still, you can always bounce it back to “find me the originals without the inserted parts”, and the fact that I haven’t met any conspiracists claiming that the photos are photoshopped (a la Moon landing)

That is just perfect. Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks, that was the first place I went to and for some reason search was giving me all kind of small tangential myths about it, instead of the big one.

I was hoping for links to those. Although maybe they are not good because they are too full of people saying there are previous threads about it but not linking to them.

Witness accounts are not reliable. Proof of that are the other thousands of people who say they heard something like a missile, that it was a small white plane and that they actually saw a missile.

One of the most telling arguments against the “spot the airliner” theory is this simple video. Here is a jet hitting a concrete barrier, and I challenge you so see any trace of the jet itself after the collision:

Thanks, Obi-Wan.


What’s funny is how that video was posted in support of the CT. Very cool, btw.

A lie is still a lie, even from a certain point of view.

(No, I’m not a Skywalker.)

Sapo: Ask them why Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas are still alive. If the government was willing to kill 3,000+ Americans on 9/11, what’s a few dozen more in the mop-up actions later? Why haven’t they all had heart attacks or been involved in tragic car accidents? How much Truth is the government going to let slip through its fingers before taking any concrete action against the Truthers? (Try not to say the word ‘Truth’ sarcastically, BTW. They may be dense but they aren’t that stupid.)

If you want a running commentary on this whole thing, search through the archives of Screw Loose Change. They’ve been into this whole mess for a very long time and have commented on just about every aspect of the Troofer culture and mindset, from the They Let It Happen crowd to the No-Planers to the utter loons who think the USPS did it.

What I will never understand is how the terrorists managed to commandeer the pentagon to crash it against that plane (or missile)

It’s not a particular point of view; it’s just a different definition of the word missile.

This article covers the evidence that it was a 757 and not some other plane that hit the Pentagon.

As does this one.

And this one debunks some crackpot “ground effects makes it impossible to fly into the Pentagon” theory.

There were thousands of eyewitnesses.

If you insist on a missile, obviously a missile was what hit an empty field in Pennsylvania.