91 Olds Trurn signal problem

No stop lights or rear turn signals.
This started when car stalled on neighbor (1991 olds 98). She tried to engage the 4 ways and they did not work.
I checked all bulbs & Fuses. Tail lights work and when bulb modual is disconnected all 4 terminals on wire harness will light a test light.

Looking for the direction signal flasher, can only find 1 flasher that is a 2 wire one. Repair manual refers to a flasher for hazards and one for direction signal. The local parts store didn’t have one in stock and when they ordered it the order replaced it with the 2 wire flasher:dubious:

I am looking now at the switch as I cannot engage the 4 way switch.

Engine still runs very poorly. will start but not idle except for about 5 minuets after I finished cleaning some ground conections.(then stuttered and died)
Tested fuel pressure and holds steady @ 45lbs.
Ohmed out all injectors all read 12 ohms.
I am thinking now bad gas or water??

waiting on direction signal switch from parts store.

Added 3 bottles of etoh to fuel and 1 of injector cleaner.
Flushed the piping through the fuel pressure fitting.
Engine runs smooth at 3-4 1000 rpm but will not idle at all.
Plan is to add more etoh or drain fuel tank unsure what is best?
Sure hope Gary or Rick will wade in here:) sure hope others can also.

I think it’s very unlikely that the performance problem and the lighting problem are related.

The flashers should be mounted on the steering column column brace (under the left side of the dashboard), probably with spring steel clips. Turn signal on the left, hazard on the right. According to the wiring diagram, both are two-terminal design. With a bad flasher, usually the bulbs will light up but they will not flash, and the brake lights are not affected. The turn signal/hazard switch is the prime suspect for the symptoms you’ve described.

If the engine runs well at higher rpm, fuel quality is not high on the suspect list for not idling. More likely a disconnected/ruptured vacuum hose, faulty idle speed actuator, faulty sensor, or problem with the throttle body.