92 Plymouth Voyager: RIP

Just got the bad news on my (now ex) Van. All told, the estimate is $4700. Which is 133% of it’s value, so offically it isn’t worth it to fix the van.

Which means we’re screwed.

Now useless, the Voyager will be allowed to aimlessly drift into the abyss of deep space, carrying with it the two precious gold records on which are recorded the sounds of earth and images depicting a human man, woman, and the DNA molecule.

Let me guess: was it a seized motor caused by worn-out piston walls?

I think it is unconscionable that Chrysler was allowed to get away with putting together a vehicle that was essentially designed to self destruct by 150K. Think I’m kidding? Keep an eye open for Chrysler-family mini-vans on your way home. How many of them were blowing smoke out the tailpipe?

Want us to recommend a new ride for ya, Saint? Sounds like you’re looking for something in the sub-$4700 range.

Uh, well, if you didn’t catch my wife’s post on that, let me sum up: Dumb broad in 91 RS Camaro pulled out in traffic in front of me. I couldn’t stop in time, and broadsided her widdle camaro on the passenger’s side door. I dunno how much damage she incurred, but the van is totaled.

Oh, and the engine was running fine at 155k. Not even a ping or drip. :smiley: