94 Camry V6, 115,000 mi. What's it worth?

I’m in the process of searching for a car and I saw a Toyota Camry with a “for sale” sign the other day. Knowing the reputation of Toyotas as being some of the best made longest lasting cars out there, I got excited.

I called, they called back and left some info (all in the subject line).

I’m thinking though that even the best cars have their problems after 10 years and 115, 000 miles. I’m really looking for something I won’t have to deal with for awhile. My current car, '95 Cavalier, has needed a head gasket and a rebuilt tranny in under 2 year’s time (boy, did I get hosed on that deal).

So what do you think about the car in question? Worth pursuing? and for how much?

(oh, and I think she mentioned “XLE” on the message. Couldn’t hear it well though).

Kelley Blue book.

BTW, my '97 Tercel is at nearly 200k and going strong.

Yeah, I checked KBB. In “good” condition it has it at $4,245. But I guess I just assumed there to be some disparity between KBB’s estimate and the actual “on the street” value. I don’t know why I assumed that exactly. I guess it has something to do with the disparity between the “retail” price of an item in a store and what you end up paying. I assumed KBB to be a sort of official “retail price”.

But I guess I’m more interested in people’s opinions here of whether it’s a good buy or not. Assuming it hasn’t been abused by it’s former owner (perhaps not a safe assumption, but just for the sake of a starting point…) could I expect this car to give me many more trouble-free years?

I just posted this last night: used car buying info.