96 Down, 269 To Go, or I'm Going To Make My Wife Cry

On March 5th, my wife and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I always try to put much thought into gifts for her, but I just wasn’t coming up with any ideas I was happy with, and the clock was rapidly ticking down…

Since paper is the traditional gift for a first anniversary, I wanted to incorporate that somehow. My wife has been wanting a particular book, and while nice, for her it just wasn’t enough.

Then I remembered that several years ago, I went to an author appearance for another book she wanted and had it signed and gave it to her for Christmas. She loved it!

So Monday morning I looked up the author of the current book my wife wants, and sent the author an email asking about the possibility of getting a signed copy of the book for Mrs. Gringra. The author emailed back less than two hours and said she would be delighted to send a signed copy of her book. Success!

So I’m giving her a signed book, but I still wanted to do more; I want to do something from the heart. Heart. First anniversary gifts are traditionally paper. Paper heart. Origami!

So a few Google searches later I have found instructions for origami hearts. I acquire some paper and get a folding. I was happily folding away and I was struck by lightning. The grand romantic gesture: 365 origami hearts, one for each day we’ve been married!

96 down, 269 to go. My fingers are sore, but it will be worth it.

I love her so much.

You rock! Not only are those awesome and incredibly thoughtful gifts, but you also cheered me right up. I was feeling bummed and tired, and this made me so happy. And now, I’m inspired to do something nice for my guy. Hmm…

Oh so sweet! Happy anniversary! Mine is March 3 — and it makes seven of the happiest years of my life.

You’re ambitious. For our first anniversary I gave Pepper Mill an origami Bride and Groom that I folded and framed.

She’s still got it.

You are SO getting all kinds of laid for this.

Don’t set the bar too high. They’ll expect something better next year.

Actually, I’d be rather surprised if you didn’t hear “Oh, another book?”.

Love the forethought, sentiments and execution.

But man, you are going to lose the expectation stakes.
Better start saving because when you get to the diamond wedding stage you are either going to need to fund something akin to the national debt or a have dedicated paper mill.

Slacker. I made 8,760 origami hourglasses.

With origami sand inside.

Awwww. :slight_smile:

Full-contact origami it is!

That reminds me. My anniversary is coming up. I think the grocery store still sells flowers…

I should tell her to pick some up next time she goes shopping.

Nah. For the diamond anniversary, take her to a baseball game.

Yep, the first anniversary is paper but don’t be fooled. Even though they are made of paper vacuum cleaner bags apparently aren’t a good gift! Who knew?

Tio Gringo, I strongly suspect you are going to have a great anniversary. Your wife will love the signed book, but she’s totally going to flip out over the hearts. If you like seafood, you might want to eat a dozen oysters that night…

I’m stealing that one.

For our 11th anniversary, I got my wife a 40 ouncer of Steel Reserve.

I sincerely hope it works for you, but a word of caution here- sometimes less is more. I obviously don’t know your wife but if I had given my wife one single origami heart, she would have loved it, welled up, and jumped my bones. If I had given her 365 of them, her reaction would have been like when you give someone a Christmas present that they can’t imagine what they’ll ever do with it: “Oh look- origami hearts! You’re so sweet. How many are there?”

“Three hundred sixty five- one for each day of our first year together!”

“Oh my God, seriously? Wow… ohhh kayyyyyy… This must have taken you forever”, and I think she’d wonder if I’d gone off the deep end.

Curse you, Tio Gringo, for making the rest of us look bad in comparison! :mad:

Nah, just kidding. That’s all kinds of awesome. Your wife will love it.
Congratulations on your anniversary!!