Way to trump my anniversary present, o' wife of mine!

So Mrs Logic and I are coming up for our first wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Tradition suggests a “paper” gift for one year in, so I’ve been looking at maybe some handmade writing paper or similar (plus flowers / chocs etc).

Then last night the missus asked if she could give me my anniversary present early… we’re off to a Medics’ Summer Ball at the weekend, so I figured it might be some cufflinks to wear, or a new tie etc.

Instead it was a positive pregnancy test :smiley:

Rather out of the blue, but all the better for it!

It’s not unplanned, in the sense that we’ve been busy doing what newly-weds do so we knew it was always possible, but we thought it might take rather more scheduling than this!

Still… what a lovely way to celebrate one year of married life with the woman of my dreams. :slight_smile:

(Not told family yet, as we want to wait until it’s 100% confirmed, so to avoid bursting I thought I’d share with my fellow Dopers… my thanks for your indulgence!).

Congratulations!! What fun!

Congrats to you, Mrs Logic, and the Very Little Logic!! What a wonderful gift.

Pssst… Mrs. Logic still needs flowers and chocs.

Congratulations! Don’t forget she’ll need extra chocs now that she’s eating for two!

Wow! Great news! Congrats to the Logic family.

Congrats! That means next year, you’ll have a Wee-Logic to bring in to your second year anniversary!

I think this means you have to one-up your own gift, though. :slight_smile: (I mean in addition to the flowers and chocolates, which are mandatory no matter what else you get.)

Geez, way to cheap out on the gift there, Mrs. e-logic. :rolleyes:

Ok, ok, I keed…it’d be hard to come up with a better gift. Congratulations!!
Hmmm…“Mrs. e-logic”…“she-logic”? Yeah, I like it…that’ll do. :slight_smile:


My wife and just I celebrated our first anniversary this past Monday. We had agreed not to get each other any presents except for a card. However my birthday was also this past weekend and since I would be getting presents (Police tickets BTW! Woohoo!) I wanted to get her something too.

I couldn’t figure out what to get and since we had agreed not to get anything for each other I didn’t want it to be a conventional gift and figured I’d get something we could both enjoy. So since my wife is a huge potato chip lover I got a combo box of 12 different potato chip flavors from Route 11 . How’s that for an anniversary gift? :slight_smile: I figured she’d like them. Turns out she loved them! “Yay! Chips!”

Congratulations! Wishing you luck and joy with your new family.

So now you need to get some oragami paper and fold up a stork for her.

Hey, that’s a really good idea! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words - it’s taking a while to fully sink in, but I’ve had a huge grin on my face the whole day.

How wonderful! Congratulations on your anniversary and the new little one on the way.

What? Nine months of insane food cravings, swollen ankles, repeated vomiting, wildly unpredictable mood swings, and then anywhere up to 48 hours of painful, agonizing labour, and finally a squalling, red-facing, toothless little person who’ll poop in his/her diaper and keep you up all night with crying for ages afterwards? That’s her anniversary gift?!?

(I’m kidding. :wink: My deepest congratulations and heartfelt wishes for a happy, healthy mum and baby! toasts with champagne)

Congrats!!! That’s a wonderful first anniversary present!!

Congratulations! Yay, more pregnant Dopers!

Go get her some Preggie Pops (even though they’re not paper), and maybe a gift card to a bookstore for pregnancy books!

Yay for baby-logic!

So what happens when the young 'un gets sick? What do you call him/her then?

That’s awesome! Congratulations to both (all three?) of you!

What a lovely anniversary gift.

Way to go! And I agree that a paper stork would be cool.

Woody Allen’s line from Take the Money and Run -

“All I needed was a tie!”


Congrats to you both!