98 model year cars appreciating

An article in todays newspaper says that Mexico is restricting the import of used cars to those that are exactly 10 years old. This has caused the value of 98 model year cars to appreciate.

However, the article mostly talked about cars near the border. Is this effect also speading to cars far removed from the border?

I happen to have a 98 Ford and was wondering if I could get a good deal by selling it now. In the last few months, I’ve received several letters from dealers saying they’d be interested in taking my car in as trade in. I ignored those letters, but am now wondering if there’s a relationship with this Mexican restriction. I don’t live near the border (in the Portland area, actually) so I have doubts if there’s any relationship at all.

Appreciate where? Perhaps in Mexico, but why would ten-year-old cars go up here? It seems to me that if the Mexicans restrict the importation of TYOC’s, it would increase the supply of them here, driving prices down.

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Mexico is not restricting importation of 1998 cars, they are allowing *only * 1998 models to be imported, so now everyone in Mexico needs a 1998 car from the US. Stands to reason that would drive up the resale value of that model year, although whether that affects only border states probably depends on just how much the value is going up and how much it costs to transport a car from, say, Portland (Maine or Oregon?).

I misread that the first time. Makes sense now.